"The skyline was totally thrown off, it looked someone was missing there two front teeth, it just looked like a big hole, something was missing and it looked really awkward." - Gabriela Delaconcha, Lehman Brothers Employee and Pace Student

9/11 Interviewees

  Abbinanti, Richard Pace Faculty, Director of General Services  
  Aleta, Karen Pace Faculty, Director of the Lower Eastside Chinatown Corporate Americorps  
  Alvarez, Adriana Pace Student  
  Amy Foerester Pace Sociology Professor  
  Anonymous, Armine Pace Student  
  Anonymous 1 NYPD Detective  
  Anonymous 2 Pace Student, Class of 2002  
  Armando, Reit Pace Café 101 Worker  
  Byrne, Lynne Pace Associate Dean of Lubin  
  Carmela Collado Homemaker  
  Conte, Robert FDNY (Medical Leave)  
  Conway, Vanessa Manhattan College Freshman Student  
  Cook, Diane Dental Hygenist/Coincidentally in the city for a relatives medical treament  
  Cook, Ian Pace Transfer Student, Student at Wagner College on 9/11  
  D'Ancona, Peter FDNY  
  Davella, Nicholas NYPD Detective/Student Interviewer's Uncle  
  DeAngelis, Joseph Worked in 4 World Trade Center  
  DeFalco, Ann Pace Librarian  
  De La Concha, Gabriela Emerging Market Strategies Dept. of Lehman Brothers in 3 World Financial Center  
  Evans, Lee Pace Professor  
  Federico, Michelle Pace Student  
  Fields, Victor Social Worker, Catholic Charities, Bronx  
  Gagnon, Wayne Pace Alumnus, Class of 1991/Murry Bergtraum High School English Teacher  
  Georghio, Katherine Pace Student  
  Geroslavska, Irina Assistant Director of Advertising at the Renaissance Paper  
  Giraldo, Lydia Freshman Student at Health Professions and Human Services High School  
  Glonek, Ronald Lipmann USA, Software Programmer; Wife worked in 82nd Floor of 2 WTC  
  Graziano, Lorenzo Pace Student  
  Graziano, Matt FDNY (Off-Duty)  
  Hammond, Erica Pace Student  
  Hernandez, Adailyn Lived in SoHo/Was supposed to take a flight to Miami, FL on 9/11  
  Hernandez, Brian Pace Student  
  Iannacone, Albert Port Authority Employee  
  Illuzzi-Orbon, Joan Assistant District Attorney for Manhattan  
  Jang, Edmond Information Technology at the Federal Resever Bank of NY  
  Johnson, Melvina Central office technichian for Verizon, in the Verizon building on Pearl Street  
  Jones, Jim Retired NYPD Detective, Ran Campaign Security for Mike Bloomberg  
  Kansay, Emine Pace Student  
  Knipe, Dawn Pace, Director of Enrollment Services  
  Korol, Irina Babysitter  
  Krigsfeld, Gabriel High School Student  
  Lasky, Mark Pace Student  
  Leahy, Sean High School Student, Lived on E 24th Street  
  Lebish, Benjamin Pace Student  
  Lee, Michael Pace Student  
  Lee, Soo Jin NYU Student  
  Leebaw, Ross Pace Student  
  Lemar, Lenny Special Advisor to the Police Commisioner for Crime Control Strategies  
  Lenz, Deanna Worked for Real Estate Financing Company in Midtown, Manhattan  
  Liberatore, David Pace Transfer Student, Transferred in September 2000  
  Lindland, Joshua Analyst in Asset Management for Prudiency/worked on 94th Floor of 2 World Trade Center  
  Makris, Jeffery Guidance Counselor at High School of Economics and Finance; 100 Trinity Place  
  Maresca, Julian Pace Student  
  Masiello Sr., Daniel R. Field Vice President, American Express Financial Advisors  
  Mca, Kelly High School Student, Played Hookie and Went to Downtown Manhattan  
  McHale, Patrick Computer specialist for Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield in WTC Floors 17 - 31  
  Milone, Derrick FDNY  
  Mulcahy, David Pace Professor  
  Murillo, Faith NYC Resident whose brother and sister-in-law lived on Wall Street  
  Nabi, Fahadun "Neo" Pace Student  
  Ng, David H.S. Student at High School for Leadership and Public Service; 90 Trinity Place  
  Parris, Sherrice HR dept. of building directly across from WTC  
  Patel, Prajesh Pace Student  
  Pomerantz, Sharon JP Morgan Chase, Intern Manager  
  Rakhnayev, Michael Cantor Fitzgerald, Tax Department Floor 101 of tower  
  Rawlings, Donnell Live Performer, Entertainer and Stand Up Comedian living in Downtown Brooklyn  
  Reinhart, Anthony Pace Student  
  Reuter, Peter Senior Vice President for Technology Company on Broad St.  
  Rinciari, John FDNY  
  Rodriguez, Lourdes Worked in 7 World Trade Center  
  Roggia, Victor Electrician on Wall Street  
  Ruiz-Ayala, Maria Café 101 worker  
  Russel-O'Grady, Marijo Pace Dean of Students  
  Ryan, Samantha Pace Student  
  Saad, Wadea William Downtown Tailor, 198 Broadway (Student Interviewer's Father)  
  Sanabria, Dennis Worked in a bar  
  Sandra, Jascolky Psychologist on Wall Street  
  Santiago, Nick Student Interviewer's Father  
  Sapulveda, Melissa Pace Student  
  Senegetto, Matt College student  
  Smith, Sue Pace Student  
  Taylor, Walt Mechanical Engineer/witnessed attacks on WTC on 9/11  
  Tis, Danielle College Freshman living in St.George Hotel Dorm in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn  
  Tukov, Gregory Construction Manager Enroute to City Hall (Neighbor)  
  Valar, Dimitrie Pace Student  
  Varela, Daniel Student Interviewer's Fraternity Brother  
  Veloe, Claude Pace Student  
  Viens, Chris Bartender in NJ, Father worked on 69th Floor of tower  
  Villanueva, Tammy Intelligence/Program Manager at Northrup Grumman (contracting agency for gov't.)  
  Wally H.S. Student at High School for Leadership and Public Service; 90 Trinity Place  
  Warbach, Marilyn Federal Reserve Bank of NY Library Employee  
  Wilkins, Birchchum NYPD Cadet  
  Williams, Denise JP Morgan Chase  
  Woertendyke, Dr. Ruis Pace Professor  
  Wool, Paul FDNY