"We then later became a field hospital, like a "M*A*S*H.” So they just wiped the admissions lobby out and had cots and medical supplies and National Guard were here so it was all like a National Guard army base hospital..." – Dean Marijo Russel O’Grady

On Campus Memorials

Book of Remembrance

Pace lost a total of four students and 43 alumni on September 11.  A memorial to honor them was designed by then-Pace University architect Daniel Okoli in the shape of a Book of Remembrance, listing their names on two open pages. The memorials, replicated on the New York City, Pleasantville and White Plains campuses, were dedicated on September 11, 2002.

"Setting the Pace” Canine Statue

The “Setting the Pace” statue of a German Shepard dog by the artist Mike Neville was commissioned as part of the American Kennel Club’s DOGNY public art project developed in collaboration with the City of New York. The DOGNY project honors the canine heroes of September 11 who served as search-and-rescue dogs. The “Setting the Pace” statue was brought to Pace by the Center for Downtown New York.

The 9/11 Remembrance Quilt

When Pace reopened on September 19, 2011, one of the first projects undertaken was the Remembrance Quilt. Sponsored by the Center for Community Outreach. Fabric squares and special fabric pens were distributed to the Pace community and each individual was asked to express his or her feelings about the 9/11 events. A total of 144 quilt squares were contributed and they were stitched together and made into a quilt. The actual quilt measures approximately 9'4" by 9'8."

Book of Remembrance - New York City Campus

NYC Campus Memorial

"Setting the Pace” Canine Statue - NYC Campus

Pleasantville Campus Memorial

The 9/11 Remembrance Quilt - NYC Campus

Pace Memorial Quilt - NYC Campus

Book of Remembrance - Pleasantville Campus

Pleasantville Campus Memorial

Book of Remembrance - School of Law
White Plains Campus

School of Law - White Plains Campus

Pace Students and Alumni lost on September 11, 2001.

  Edelmiro Abad ‘82 Laura M. Longing ’88
  Sharon M. Balkcom, MBA ’92 Stuart S. Louis, MBA ’85
  Inna B. Basina, MS ’98 Lee C. Ludwig ’77
  Bella J. Bhukhan ’98 Ronald Magnuson ’69
  Patrice Braut Vita M. Marino, MBA ’81
  Bettina Browne-Radburn ’83, JD ’89 Michael Massaroli ’86
  Thomas J. Celic, ’80 Denis J. McHugh III ’86
  Jean M. Collin ’84, ’87, MBA ’93 Robert M. Murach, MBA ’86
  Michele T. Coyle-Eulau ’85 Edward C. Murphy ’80
  Joan M. Cullinan ’01 Mario Nardone ’91
  Michael D’Esposito ’92 Keith K. O’Connor ’94
  Palmina DelliGatti Dennis J. Pierce ’75, ’79
  Rena A. Sam-Dinnoo ’01 Gerard Rauzi ’81
  Ronald C. Fazio Sr. ’70 Gregory Reda ’89, MS ’93
  Sean B. Fegan ’91 Kenneth F. Rice III ’89
  Cono E. Gallo ’93 Venesha Richards
  Brian F. Goldberg, MBA ’01 Andrew I. Rosenblum, JD ’81
  Timothy G. Grazioso ’80 Adam K. Ruhalter, MBA ’86
  Donald F. Greene, MBA ’85 Vladimir Savinkin ’01
  David J. Grimner ’85 Frank G. Schott, MBA ’86
  Susan Huie ’79 Mohammed Shajahan MS ’92
  Denis F. Lavelle ’86 Linda June Sheehan
  Francisco Liriano ’98 Frank J. Vignola Jr. ’80