"Media, you know it's, it’s, we're protected and exposed through media. There's a lot we don't know. There's a lot the general person doesn't know. There's a lot that you know, us, or those people on the left, know because they listen to alternative media. But that doesn't get into the mainstream of everyday folk. And there's just a lot of information that is just, it's curious." – Dean Marijo Russel O’Grady

Pace Periodicals

The Pace Press is the student newspaper of the Pace University New York Campus. In operation since 1948, the Pace Press covers University news and issues and events in New York City. Led by its editor-in-chief Shams Tarek, The Pace Press provided distinguished news coverage in its efforts to tell the story of Pace University and September 11, 2011. These Pace Periodicals were collected at the time of the events and are housed in the Pace University Archives Room E200 on the second floor of the Henry Birnbaum Library. They include copies of student newspapers, The Pace Press and also include the Pleasantville student newspaper formerly called New Morning.