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  • "I saw in the paper yesterday that um like on Broadway there are cameras now… that’s not going to make our lives safer, it's changing our culture and being more compassionate and aware of other cultures. Nobody ever seems to think about it. It's kind of like that Thoreau quote, where like you have a thousand people hacking at the branches of evil but only one person hacking at the roots." – Susan Smith, Pace Student Class of 2004


    Faculty and Staff Mentors

    Maria T. Iacullo-Bird, Ph.D. Executive Director, Center for Undergraduate Research Experiences and Adjunct Assistant Professor of History

    Ellen Sowchek, Pace University Archivist

    Jennifer Thomas, Ph.D., Professor of Information Technology, Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems

    Student Assistants

    Joseph I. Bird, Pace 9/11 Undergraduate Research Project Student Co-Manager / Webmaster 

    Maria Elena Rubino, Pace 9/11 Undergraduate Research Project Student Co-Manager / Transcription Support  

    Emuobonuvie E.  Eshareturi, Transcription and Web Support

    Breanna Romaine-Guiliano,  Transcription Support

    CIS 102 Web Design for Non-Profit Organizations, Spring 2011, Dr. Jennifer Thomas

    These students, organized in class teams for different components, created the design for the Pace 9/11 Oral History Project Website.

    Lauren N. Banko
    Eleanor Blank
    Stephen Buerkle
    Vincent Cataldo
    Greg Clunis
    Lisa Dai
    Kevin Eng
    Emuobonuvie E. Eshareturi
    Gerta Gjonaj
    Briana Greenidge
    Julie Hong
    Alexandra LePage
    Henry Li
    Meghan Lowney
    Jessica Margolin
    Lissette T. Martinez
    Jennifer McLellan
    Kristan Munilla
    IIyse Nelson
    Heather Simard
    James Sun
    Danielle Tsimberg