GIS at Pace
Peggy Minnis, Ph.D.

Pace University    

This free course will be offered again in the spring 2019 term, starting January 21, 2019.  The syllabus for the course may be seen here.
The course is totally online and there is no specific time to meet, but I expect all students to be working on the current week's project.  There are electronic badges (bronze, silver, gold) awarded for successful completion of each four-week unit. 
A certificate is granted to each person who finishes all work.
You can enroll in the course by going to  This is a PC based course, but Mac users modify their computers to run Windows programs.

It is equivalent to a 3-credit college course.  CEUs sometimes require a letter to the certifying agency, which can be requested at the end of the course.
My email is if you have any questions about enrolling or the content of the course.

Former students may contact me for a list of videos for GIS procedures.