June, 2014 NYU - Teaching Network - MOOC
May, 2014 Lessons Learned from Teaching a GIS MOOC
NEARC 2014 Spring Meeting - UMASS, Amherst, MA

September, 2013
Teacing a GIS MOOC
NEARC 2013 Annual Educational Conference, Nashua, NH
May, 2013 Developing a GIS MOOC
NEARC 2013 Spring Meeting - UMASS Amherst
November, 2011 Mentoring Graduate Students using iTree Tools and GIS
NEARC 2011 Annual Education Conference Saratoga Springs, NY
February, 2011 Editing Videos for Online Instruction 
Technology and Teaching, Pace NY
November, 2010 Using ArcPad, GPS, Videocam and Netbook for Field Data Capture
NEARC 2010 Annual Educational Conference, Newport, RI
May, 2010 Making ArcReader Files for Community Projects
NEARC 2010 Spring meeting, Smith College, Northampton, MA
October, 2009 Creating a GIS Hub at Pace University
NEARC 2009 Annual Educational Conference, Nashua, NH
May, 2009 Hyperlinking Photos to Tracklog Points,
NEARC 2009 Spring Meeting, Northampton, MA
September, 2008 Using Camtasia to Capture GIS Operations
NEARC 2008 Annual Educational Conference, Hyannis, MA
November 2006
Mapping Historical Growth of Bedford, New York Between 1851-1908 to Support a Moratorium on Teardowns
NEARC 2006 Annual Conference, Mystic, CT.
April  2006 Using GIS in the Courtroom
Pace University Continuing Legal Education Course

March 2006
October 2005
Nutrients in Wastewater Basics
- North Carolina Onsite Meeting
- Virginia Public Heath Department Onsite Annual Conference
July 2005 Teaching Consumer Chemistry - with home-based labs - Online
American Chemical Society NERM Meeting, Sacred Heart University, Fairfield, CT
January 2005 Wastewater Microbiology
Michigan Onsite Wastewater Treatment Association Annual Educational Meeting
East Lansing, Michigan   
(Given Annually at Association Meetings)
History of Wastewater Treatment from the Ancient to the Present
Wastewater Microbiology
National Onsite Wastewater Recycling Association
Annual Conference and Educational Symposium
Created the "Onsite A-Z" Course
September 2004 History and Future of Onsite Wastewater Treatment,
Breckenridge, Colorado
Colorado and Wyoming Environmental Health Associations
July 2004 History of Wastewater Treatment
Microbiology of Wastewater Treatment

Florida Onsite Wastewater Association Annual Meeting
Daytona Beach, FL
September 1999 Wastewater Microbiology
Northwest Onsite Wastewater Treatment Short Course and Equipment Exhibition,
Seattle, WA
March 1997 Land Use Planning and Modern Onsite Systems
Georgia Department of Health Sanitarians Meeting
January 1997 Onsite Systems and Environmental Land Use Planning
Auburn Conference of Sanitarians
Auburn, Alabama
February 1997 Onsite Systems, Past, Present and Future
I.E. McDermott Plumber's Conference
Oshkosh, WI
February 1996 How Septic Systems Work
Greens Farms High School
Westport, CT
January 1995 History of Onsite Systems
Illinois Society of Public Health Officials
Decatur, IL
November 1993 Onsite Systems - How They Work
American Chemical Society - Western Connecticut Chapter
Westport, CT
Spring, 1981 A Method to Assign Signature to the Flyash from Coal-fired Power Plants
American Chemical Society Annual Meeting, New York City

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