CS827: Artificial Intelligence

Unit1: Intelligent Agents

Assignment 1 see

To design an agent,

specify the Task Environment (PEAS):

  • Performance measure: things we can evaluate an agent against to know how well it performs.
  • Environment: what the agent can perceive.
  • Actuators: what an agent can use to act in its environment.
  • Sensors: what an agent can use to perceive its environment.


AIMA book excercise 2.4

Agent Types:

  1. Playing soccer.
  2. Exploring the subsurface oceans of Titan.
  3. Shopping for used AI books on the Internet.
  4. Playing a tennis match.
  5. Practicing tennis against a wall.
  6. Performing a high jump.
  7. Knitting a sweater.
  8. Bidding on an item at an auction.

Specifying PEAS:

Agent type Performance Measure Environment Actuators Sensors
1. scoring goals, defending, speed playground, teammates, opponents, ball body, dribbling, tackling, passing ball, shooting camera, ball sensor, location sensor, other players locator
2. safety, images quality, video quality ocean, water mobile diver, steering, break, accelerator video, accelerometers, depth sensor, GPS
3. price, quality, authors, book review web, vendors, shippers fill in form, follow URL, display to user HTML
4. winning playground, acquet, ball, opponent ball, raquet, joint arm ball locator, camera, racquet sensor, opponent locator
5. hit speed, hit accuracy playground, racquet, ball, wall ball, raquet, joint arm ball locator, camera, racquet sensor
6. safety, altitude wall jumping apparatus camera, height sensor
7. size, looking, comfort craft, pattern needles, yarn, jointed-arms pattern sensor
8. cost, value, necessity, quality auctioneer, items, bidders speaker, display items camera, price monitor

Environment Types:

Agent Type Observable/Not Deterministic/Stochastic Episodic/Sequential Static/Dynamic Discrete/Continuous Single-agent/Multi-agent
1. Yes Partly Sequential Dynamic Continuous Multi
2. Not Stochastic Episodic Dynamic Continuous Single
3. Not Partly Stochastic Semi Discrete Multi
4. Partly Stochastic Sequential Dynamic Continuous Single
5. Yes Partly Sequential Partly Continuous Single
6. Yes Deterministic Episodic Static Discrete Single
7. Yes Deterministic Sequential Static Continuous Single
8. Not Partly Partly Dynamic Continuous Single