Some Time Savers

An article on five techniques to help improve time management, by Dr. Donald E. Wetmore. Productivity institute-Time Management Seminars, professional speaker. These techniques can be applied to a professional environment as well as a team base environment.  For more information visit the Productivity institute home page at


Time Management

“Did you catch that? Time really can't be managed. You can't slow it down or speed it up or manufacture it. It just IS. Time management is MANAGING YOURSELF”….

The webpage of the University of Minnesota Duluth provides a brief article on the basic time management principles that should be employed by students to conserve time. The site also provides several structures that would help with the planning of your schedule such as personal and professional activities such as team work.


Time Management : Strategies on Using Time

The Study Guide and Strategies offers a diverse array of information in all aspects ranging from researching to project management. This particular page provides  the users with a time management seminar that the users can take in order to see how their time is spent and it can help them put in perspective the different areas where the user can add or remove time in order to utilize his or her time in a more effective way. For more information you can also visit the Study Guide and Strategies Home page at