All online resources for Psy 834 and 835 and doctoral research in general have been transferred from WebBoard to Blackboard.  To make for a smooth transition, doctoral research resources will be available on both WebBoard and Blackboard until January 31, 2004.  From then on, resources will be available only on Blackboard. Procedures for signing onto WebBoard can be found on my Homepage

Once you have successfully signed onto Blackboard, you will come to your resource page (see below for Pace student and faculty, and non-Pace instructions for accessing Blackboard). From there, click onto Community. Below Organization List will be listed Doctoral Research PsyD. Enter this organization and refer to the General Information menu item for how resources are organized within this Blackboard community.  Members of this community include Pace Psychology faculty and staff and all students matriculated in our M.S.Ed. in School Psychology and Psy.D. in School-Clinical Child Psychology programs.

Procedures for accessing Blackboard: Student Instructions

Procedures for accessing Blackboard can be found here:

Please note that, once you have successfully logged onto Blackboard, you may, in the future, go to the Blackboard logon page through my Homepage.  I encourage you to do this, since current news on doctoral research activities, etc., will be found under Announcements.

If you cannot successfully log on to Blackboard, you may not be currently matriculated. To find out if Pace considers you currently matriculated, go to:

Type in your first and last name and submit the information. If you get

No results found,

search by your last name only and see if your full name appears on the list that is returned. If your name does not appear, you may not be currently matriculated and, as a result, cannot enter Blackboard. You then need to contact Aqueda Portalatin, our departmental administrator, who will verify your matriculation status. In most cases, you simply have not maintained matriculation and once you pay the appropriate matriculation fees, you will be able to enter Blackboard.

Procedures for accessing Blackboard:  Pace Faculty and Staff

Procedures for accessing Blackboard can be found here:

Procedures for accessing Blackboard: Non-Pace Professional Instructions

Only Pace employees and matriculated students can gain access directly to Blackboard. Non-Pace professionals who may wish to gain access to the community could include outside doctoral project consultants and field research supervisors.  Those individuals may gain access to Blackboard by following the following steps. First, send me an email (, and type in the subject header:

Add me to the Blackboard Doctoral Research Community

Briefly describe in the email your role and/or interest in doctoral research within our program.  Once permission has been granted to enter this community, I will email you with instructions on how to sign on to Blackboard.

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