Alfred W. Ward, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology

Pace University

Brief Biography

I received my B.A. degree from Fairfield University in 1977 and my Ph.D. from Fordham University in 1985, and have been a full-time faculty member in the Psychology department at Pace University for twenty five years.  Our department offers a complex array of majors and programs at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and I have been involved in teaching, scholarship, and service at all of these levels.  A brief synopsis of some of my teaching, research, and service activities are presented below.


Overall, I have contributed in pedagogical activities at both undergraduate and graduate levels.  At the undergraduate level, I taught Experimental Psychology I and II, a pivotal course for our undergraduate Psychology major.  A major component of this two semester research course is the development and implementation of an original research project.  My students’ research activities have culminated in numerous regional and national conference presentations (American Psychological Association, Eastern Psychological Association, Association for Psychological Science, and the Pace Undergraduate Conference) as well as the Dyson Society of Fellows.  At the doctoral level, I have taught and currently teach the statistics and research design sequence and doctoral project seminars.  I have advised or consulted on over ninety doctoral projects. Doctoral students of mine have presented at regional and national conferences as well and published articles.  I have developed an extensive Blackboard Community devoted to doctoral research activity, which was given high grades by site visitors at our last APA accreditation visit.  In 2007, I won the Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence, the highest teaching honor awarded at Pace, which is “presented to faculty by their colleagues in recognition of classroom performance, understanding of students, high standards of intellectual integrity, and ability to serve as an inspiration.”  Receiving this award was a humbling experience and one I deeply appreciated. 


Given my training and skill in statistics, measurement, and methodology, much of my research activity has been collaborative in nature.  As mentioned in my teaching overview, collaborative research with students has been extensive over the years, culminating in many conference presentations and a number of publications.  Collaborations with colleagues are ongoing and extensive and have culminated in presentations and publications (for example, with June Chisholm, John Stokes, Herbert Krauss, Ross Robak, Beth Hart).  I am currently engaged in ongoing research collaborations with Michele Zaccario, Mark Sossin, Herbert Kraus, and Beth Hart.  In addition, as stated earlier, I have advised or consulted on over ninety doctoral projects within our Psy.D. program.  My ongoing writing in the areas of research and quantitative methods are fully integrated into my research courses, and reflect a current understanding of the field of quantitative psychology. 


 Service work at departmental, college, university, and professional organizational levels has been extensive and has often involved key leadership roles.  I highlight just a few here: 

  1. Chaired the NY Faculty Council Scholarly Research Committee for four years,
  2. Chaired the Dyson Curriculum Committee for four years during the period of the development of our current undergraduate core curriculum.
  3. Chaired the departmental Undergraduate Curriculum Policies and Procedures Committee during the period of substantive revisions of our Psychology and Applied Psychology/Human Relations, which was a collaborative effort with the PLV Psychology Department.

 My service contributions are ongoing.  In addition to numerous departmental committee responsibilities, I co-chair the NY Faculty Council Curriculum Policies and Procedures Committee, and am a member of the University Assessment Committee, to name but a few. Finally, I am an active member of numerous professional organizations and am currently a Doctoral Site Visitor (generalist category) for the APA Commission on Accreditation (CoA).

A copy of my curriculum vitae can be found here.

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