2011 Atlantic Coast Regional Meeting
A Bridge to Our Future
March 18-19, 2011 • Providence, RI

Best Practices

Best Practices Procedures Manual (pdf)

2011 Best Practices Topics

1. Enhancing Our Role in Environmental Sustainability and Social Responsibility

Purpose: To encourage chapters to engage in sustainability activities during the year. Think anything from “lean and green” to “assurance services of sustainability statements” in determining our role in environmental sustainability and global social responsibility. The chapter may develop its own program or become significantly involved with a not-for-profit organization that offers these types of programs. The AICPA currently has a sustainability emphasis. (Note: this is not chapter sustainability).

2. Helping Others Understand the Financial Information Professions

Purpose: To encourage chapters to conduct outreach activities in their local communities, schools, and community colleges. The purpose is to get the word out regarding what we, as financial information professionals, do and cultivate interest early in a student’s academic career regarding our professions.

3. Innovate: The Accountant’s Role in a Changing Business Environment

Purpose: To encourage chapters to identify and explore innovative ideas. One of the many “lessons learned” from the recent downturn in the economy is that going back to the way things used to be done is not going to be the “norm” anymore. For example, the transportation industry is being charged with creating new engineering methods to make travel more efficient (high speed rail, more eco-friendly cars, etc.). Businesses are relying more on social media and other technological advances such as teleconferencing to conduct business to reduce travel costs or increase time utilization. The landscape is also changing in professional service firms as they face the challenge of how to successfully integrate the new generation of professionals. What role can accounting and BAP play in the changes?

For more information about Best Practices, please click here to view the abstract for these three topics.

Abstract due Date: 02/08/2011

Send all abstracts to:

Molly Brown
Atlantic Coast Chapter Advocate
Email: brownmg@jmu.edu