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Personal Statement of Ksenia Sourina

I have entered Pace University in January 1999 majoring in Public Accounting. After joining Law Society in Fall 2000, I soon became a member of its executive board as an Assistant Vice President. Proving competent and responsible I have been elected President of the Law Society for the academic year of 2001 - 2002.

I currently serve as a Student Advisor of the Bull & Bear Society, because I believe that my experience makes me knowledgeable enough to help younger students achieve success in their academic and business vocations. As a person with sufficient working experience in various fields I hope to be able to guide my student fellows onto the right path.

Finally, as an involved student at Pace University, I hope to help students choose their educational path, so that they can become proud of their undergraduate work. I believe that education is not only about which classes to take, but it is also about their involvement in the community work.


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