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  1997 Pofessional Activities

I.                  TEACHING

A.   Graduate

Pace’s graduate program in Environmental Science, as approved and registered with the New York State Department of Education inaugurated in the fall 1997. As the Program Director, I oversee the development of course and laboratory synopses and syllabi for thirteen courses required in the program curriculum. I have in particular, been the sole developer of ENS620 (lecture and Lab), (co-) developer of ENS610, and ENS611, and overseen the ENS621, ENS630, ENS721 and ENS650 thus far. 

B.   Undergraduate  

Taught CHE221 Analytical Chemistry in the fall semester,

Taught CHE331 Instrumental Methods of Analysis in the spring semester

Taught CHE112 laboratory  

C.   Pace Guest lectures  

Participated as a panelist in a Political science course on sustainable development and environmental and energy challenges.

D.  Interdisciplinary Course  

·  Dr. Rahni continues to collaborate with Professor Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in the training of a dozen yearly senior law students through mock trial, and environmental litigation. During the Fall Semester, approximately a dozen students were in contact with Dr. Rahni for advice in the preparation and presentation of legal cases in a mock trial presided over by a real judge in November. Dr. Rahni also appears as expert witness in such mock court settings.


I.     Scholarship

  • Elected as the DISTINGUISHED SCIENTIST, by the American Chemical Society’s Westchester Section (bestowed in February 1997)
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Dermatology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY 10595 

During 1996-97 academic year, publications and presentations are as follows:  

II.  Publications-Chemistry  

110. A Neutral Spirocyclic Hexacoordinated Germanium (IV) Complex: Hypervalent Germanium Compounds with Sulfur-Containing Eight-Membered Rings, S.D. Pastor, V. Huang, D. NabiRahni, S.A. Koch, H-F Hsu Inorganic Chemistry Journal of ACS Vol 36, Number 25, pages 5966 (1997). 

111.  Medium-Sized Organogermanium Heterocycles containing a Transannular Sulfur: First Synthesis and Characterization of a Sterically Hindered Eight-Membered 12H-Dibenzo[d,g][1,3,6,2]Dioxathiagermocin, S.D. Pastor, V. Hunag, D.M.A. NabiRahni, Accepted for publication, in J. Phosphorous, Sulfur, Silicon and related Elements.  

III. Publications-Related  

112.  Naturalized Citizen American Chemists: Contributions, Perceptions, and Challenges, Letter to the Editor, Chemical &Engineering News Magazine, the Official Publication of the American Chemical Society, February 24, page 6, 1997.

113.  National Association Persian American Heritage (NAPAH), “Iranian American Community seeks Leaders”, an article published in Persian Heritage Magazine, Passaic, NJ Spring 1997.

IV. Presentations  

114.  Gave the keynote speech entitled, “Scientific Scholarly Pursuits and its relevance to Society”, at the Westchester Chemical Society’s Distinguished Scientist Night, January 29, 1997 Butcher Suite (over a hundred in attendance).  

115.   Electrochemical Biosensors for Food Analysis, G. Palleschi, F. Baladino, D. Campagone, M. Esti, E. Marconi, D. NabiRahni, 31st Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the ACS, Pace University, May 27-30, 1997  

116.    Synthesis, Characterization, and Conformation of a Sterically Hindered 12H-Dibenzo[d,g][1,3,2]Dioxathiagermocin, V. Huang, S.D. Pastor, D.M.A. NabiRahni, MARM-ACS’97.  

117.  Synthesis, Characterization, and Conformation of a Sterically Hindered   12H-Dibenzo[d,f][1,3,2]Dioxagermepin, A. Carinci, S.D. Pastore, D.M.A. NabiRahni, MARM-ACS’97  

118.    First Synthesis of a new Class of Sterically Hindered Germanium Compounds, 46th ACS Students’ Research Symposium, May 1997, A. Carinci, S.D. Pastor, D.M.A. NabiRahni.  

Dr. Rahni continues scholarly collaborations and dialogues with University of Oxford, II University of Rome, Technical University of Denmark, SUNY-Stony Brook, and Ciba-Specialty Chemicals Research Division.

II.                  SERVICE

Dr. Rahni has served over one thousand hours in various service capacities, excluding the directorship of the MSES, during the past year as below:

A.   Directorship of MS Environmental Science  

  • Provided leadership, and direct involvement in the actual realization of the following tasks:

Lead the development of detailed, comprehensive course synopses and laboratory syllabi for thirteen new graduate courses; promotion and advertising; publication of marketing tools such as brochure, poster, letters; open houses; Internet and e-mail inquiries; budgeting; direct mailing of brochures and posters to nearly a thousand targets; distribution of brochure to half a dozen conferences; coordination of mailing to over five thousand prospective students; working closely with the Offices of Graduate Admissions, Enrollment Marketing, the two departments, and the Dean; several informal visits by prospective students; setting up advisory board; identifying quality adjuncts; faculty assignments; orientations and open houses (4 including one Sunday); Cooperated with Pace’s Enrollment Marketing to send brochures, cover letters, and Program posters to two department chairs in each of 608 colleges; running campus ads in 15 school papers; sending or taking MSES brochures to half a dozen conferences; site visits of prospective students to Pace (scheduled no less than twelve); responded to phone inquiries (up to half a dozen weekly); Instrumentation ;advisement; co-op/internship; Explored Lab. certification feasibility; meeting and follow up with the Development VP and her staff; Initiated adjunct faculty and guest lecturer hiring.

B. Department 

  • Attended LabWorks workshop
  • Dept. meetings
  • Site visits (PepsiCo, IBM, Akzo, Ciba)
  • Advisement
  • Assisted with ACS re-accreditation with the report)
  • Initiated a donation of $8,000.00 from MARM’97 for the Departmental Scholarship fund.
  • Negotiated for the acquisition of our GC/MS system from HP with a direct $7,500.00 additional discount beyond the standard 10% academic discount, as well as working with Sadagopan to receive an additional $18,500.00 instrumentation donated to us from HP.
  • Attended two off site, Student Chem. Society events including a visit to Bayer R&D Clinical Analyzer Center
  • Attended with two dept students representing the dept/Univ at ACS Nichols Conference
  • Has participated in all departmental meetings,
  • Has helped initiate and co-develop our departmental homepage, and led developing the graduate environmental science home pages, and its refinement.
  • Has advised majors for academic, professional and graduate school opportunities
  • Has responded to some departmental needs and inquiries between semesters and during summer.
  • Has substituted for colleagues, due to emergency needs, on a short notice in many instances
  • Has interacted very closely with the Chair, colleagues and staff (lab. Supervisors, engineer, computer liaison, secretary, and student technicians in an attempt to make all dimension of our operation run as smoothly and with as high a quality as possible.
  • Has successfully acquired a dozen instrument and accessories from ROCHE, Inc. The current auctioned value of such items is conservatively estimated at $20,000. Through the efforts of Drs. Rahni and Sadagopan, Hewlett Packard donated several pieces of instrument and software and further discounted our GC/MS acquisition with a total value of nearly $30,000.00. In collaboration with Drs. Salotto and Weiser, they collectively acquired an additional number of operational instrumentation from PepsiCo with an estimated value of over $50,000.00

C. Dyson College 

  • Dyson Assembly attendance and active participation
  • Member of Dyson Faculty Concerns and Budget Comm.
  • NEH workshop on interdisciplinary instructions
  • Participated in three Dyson related Environmental Activities, pre-Kyoto Conference
  • Assisted in developing a petition on global warming and class discussion, President’s sunroof initiatives, and NEH sessions on environment and sustainability.
  • Served as the elected member of the ad hoc committee on the drafting and resolution of Dyson Assembly Constitution
  • Elected and serve as the member of Dyson Assembly Budget and Faculty Concerns Committee, and attended committee and Dyson Assembly Meetings
  • Attended the Dyson Fellows presentation
  • Participated in Dean’s Colloquia
  • Attended Dyson Graduation Award Ceremony

D. University Wide 

  • Elected CDFPT “Alternate” Member 1997-99
  • Human Resource Committee member for Systems
  • Search Committee Member for Directorship of Assessment Office
  • Attended and regularly participated in Faculty Council deliberations
  • Member, Center for Academic Excellence Forum
  • Member, Univ. Relations Task Force on Environmental Issues (run by J. Tucker)
  • Member, Faculty Affairs,  and attended Curriculum Committee meetings
  • Member of University International Task Force on Internationalization
  • Dr. Rahni has submitted a letter of intent for the presidency of the National Council on Undergraduate Research and is negotiating to move the location of the Council to Pace University.
  • Has attended the joint Faculty Council Meeting, Founder’s day and the Commencement
  • Lead and coordinated a university wide weekly held meeting and dialogue revolving around the notion of Sustainable development and intergenerational equity, and its possible impact on our mission (teaching, research, and service) and the strategic agenda; A proposed Declaration of Interdependence was signed by over three hundred individuals university wide,
  • Attended workshops on “Pace Quality”
  • Attended two Roundtable meetings sponsored by Pew Charitable Trust/Knight Collaborative
  • Panelist, “The New Millennium; A beginning or an End?” Sponsored by the PSI CHI, The National Honor Society of Psychology.
  • A co-organizer and participant in the 1997 Earth Week Campus activities   (April 15-23).

E. Community 

  • Assisted in the development and submission of a proposal to General Foods Kraft that resulted in $6,000 to PSD.
  • Member of the Steering Committee, the co-founder and immediate past-chair, Partners for Sustainable Development; assisted in writing and acquiring a $6,000 grant form Kraft General Foods with a possible $6,000 follow up at a letter date;
  • Participated in over a dozen PSD steering Committee and General Membership Meetings
  • Participated in a PSD sponsored Pesticide Project, sunroof demo initiative, petition drive on global warming, (Pace was one of the 35 nationwide institutions to be linked via sattelite to on White House Conference on global warming
  • Participated in Ossining High School College Fair for Pace University
  • Continued coaching AYSO SOCCER for both my children for the seventh year
  • MARM’97 completed with submission of final report (enclosed), and remained Steering Comm. Member
  • Member of Steering Committee, ACS-NY Students Affiliates Symposium
  • Active with four nationwide civic organizations pertaining to the promotion of Persian American Community, co-founder, writer and member of the board in
    and, Persian American Cultural Foundation
  • Founder,  1st. elected Chair, and a member of Partners for Sustainable Development (a number of Pace faculty and students, over 250 members from local school districts, businesses, NGO’s, elected town officials, etc.)
  • Produced and broadcast two hours on PSD, repeated again on the local Community channel.
  • A founding member of steering committee on New York State Sustainability Conference, initiated by the Clearwater, Inc.
  • A member of Steering Committee on Energy Efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emission (a factor in global warming) sponsored by NYS Bar Association, resulting in 40 recommendations, proposed for endorsement by Governor Pataki as an executive order.
  • A member of PTA in Ossining UF School District

G.     Professional 

  • 31st Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the Am. Chem. Soc.: Book of Program and Abstracts, over 150 pages (May 1997), worked with Dr. Caldwell, the Program Chair.  
  • Appointed by the American Chemical Society as the General Chair of the 31st Middle Atlantic Regional of the American Chemical Society, May 27-30, 1997. The meeting steered by a group of fifteen professionals from the middle Atlantic region, presented over three hundred events including plenary lectures, invited and contributed research presentations, workshops, exhibits, short courses, career planning and employment clearing house, and many more…The participants were approximately 800. The Conference brought tremendous amount of free publicity and promotion for Pace University. The Meeting with an operating budget of nearly $100,000.00, was a very successful event. It brought Pace tremendous publicity in terms of recognition, image, identity, and potential recruitment enhancement, having been published worldwide and disseminated extensively in the scientific community.
  • Continue to serve as a Member of the ACS-NY Students’ Research Symposium Committee,
  • Faculty Consultant, Advance Placement Program, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, NJ,
  • Faculty Participant of a week long session (June 11-15) on the Politics and Ethics of Humanitarian Intervention, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs
  • The founder, and current advisor for the Persian-American Chemists’ Association of ACS,
  • The promoter of a “National Association of Persian American Heritage (NAPAH), expected to cover nearly a million American Citizens
  • Member of the Board, Persia Cultural Foundation, Saddle Brook, NJ
  • Remain on the United Nations Development Program: Transfer of Knowledge Through Expatriate Nationals consultant and visiting professor.
  • Participated in a Pre-Earth Day Reception and Discussion, sponsored by the College of New Rochelle Environmental Partnership, “The Past, Present, and Future of Davis Islands, April 18, 1997.  
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