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  1998 Annual Faculty Report


1997-98 Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence, May 1998.


Elected as the 1999 Chair-Elect, 2000 Chair of the American Chemical Society’s New York Section.  

I.                  TEACHING

A.     Graduate 

--Offered for the second time ENS621: Environmental Analytical and Instrumental Methods, lecture and laboratory;

--Co-developed and co-taught ENS610 and ENS611: Topics in Environmental Science I & II. Offering these two courses through synchronous video interactive technology on PL and the Law School Campuses.

--Oversaw and assisted in the development and offering of ENS630, ENS650 and ENS731.

B.      Undergraduate 

Taught CHE221 Analytical Chemistry in the fall semester,

Taught CHE331 Instrumental Methods of Analysis in the spring semester

Taught CHE112 laboratory  

C.     Guest lectures 

Participated in A Political science course on sustainable development and environmental and energy challenges; attended the Earth Day activities.  

D.     Workshops 

Gas Chromatography/Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry, one day workshop by HP at Paramus, NJ Site.

A two-day workshop on GC-MS, by HP on environmental applications.


The work on Germanium heterocyclic synthesis and conformational analysis, accepted for publication in Phosphorous, Silicon, Sulfur and Related Compounds, was co-presented at ACS National Meeting, and Local Students’ Research Symposium.

Foreign-born Chemists, a Letter to the Editor, Chemical & Engineering NewsMagazine, August 10, 1998.

The Future of Local ACS Sections, a letter to the Editor, C&E News, December 21, 1998.  

III.           SERVICE 

A.     Directorship of MS Environmental Science

i.      Curriculum development  

Continued participating in and providing leadership to further development of over half a dozen graduate courses offered for the first time.

ii.          Recruitment efforts              

  • orientations and open houses (7 including two Sundays
  • mailings of brochures and cover letter (over a thousand)
  • Advertisement (coordinated with several ad agencies for Pace and Enrollment Marketing) mass mail out to two chairs in 608 colleges; running campus adds in 15 school papers; printing and distributing 1000 posters; sending or taking MSES brochures to half a dozen conferences.
  • internet and e-mail (responded to on the average ten inquiries weekly)
  • site visits of prospective students (scheduled no less than twelve)
  • responded to phone inquiries (up to half a dozen weekly)
  • responded to several e-mail inquiries weekly
  • NYS Science Olympiad-Lower Hudson Valley (passed it on Drs. Flank and Kabbani)
  • Established contacts with science faculty colleagues at Rockland Comm C., Westchester Comm. C. and Queensboro Comm. C. for transfers to Pace University  

iii.                  Budget

iv.                 Instrumentation

v.                  Advisement

vi.                 Co-op/internship

Visited and articulated co-op possibilities with Westchester Department of Environmental and Health Laboratories, and EPA Region II.

vii.                meeting and follow up with the Development VP and her staff

viii.              adjunct faculty and guest lecturer hiring

B.                 Departmental  

i.                     Attended LabWorks workshop one at Pace-NY

ii.                   Attended ACS Students’ Research Symposium, May 2, NYU

iii.                  Attended Dept. meetings

iv.                 Site visits (PepsiCo, IBM, Akzo, Ciba, and Novartis)  for Student rec. and instrumentation acq.

v.                   Advisement

vi.                 ACS re-accreditation (helped out immensely with the report)

vii.                Negotiated for the acquisition of our GC/MS system from HP with a direct $7,500.00 additional discount beyond the standard 10% academic discount. As well as working with Sadagopan to receive an additional $18,500.00 instrumentation donated to us from HP.

viii.              Participated in a molecular modeling workshop

ix.                 Attended two off site, off time Student Chem. Society events including a visit to Bayer R&D Clinical Analyzer Center

x.                  Attended with two dept students representing the dept/Univ. at ACS Nichols Conference

xi.                 Acquired Instrumentation from Novartis in the real price value of $15,000.

C.                 Dyson College 

i.                     Dyson Assembly attendance, weekend retreats, with active participation

ii.                   Member of Dyson Faculty Concerns and Budget Comm.

iii.                  NEH workshop on interdisciplinary instructions

iv.                 Participated in three Dyson related Environmental Activities, pre-Kyoto Petition on global warming and class discussion, President’s sun roof initiatives, and NEH sessions on environment and sustainability.

v.                   Was the panelist in two sessions on the Environment Day.

vi.                  Participated in a two day Dyson Retreat (Oct 23-24)

D.           University wide

A Member of Rene Dubos two-day Conference on Automobile, Society and the global Economy.

CDFPT “Alternate” Member 1997-99

Participated in two CDFPT orientation sessions for junior faculty by MJR  (June 29, and Oct. 13, 1998)

Initiated and assisted in the acquisition of 700 volume books and personal memoir of Rene Dubos, formerly the Rockefeller University Professor to Pace University Library

Human Resource Committee member for automation system

Attended the Campus Curriculum Committee two meetings to represent the department.

Search Committee Member for Directorship of Assessment Office (ten half days)

Attended and regularly participated in Faculty Council deliberations

Member, Center for Academic Excellence Forum

Member, Univ. Relations Task Force on Environmental, Health and Law (run by J. Tucker)

Member, GreenPace Committee

Member, Faculty Affairs Committees

Continued to participate in the Environmental Law Clinic Training with Bobby Kennedy in the training of Env. Law students through mock trials.

E.     Community 

i.                     Member of the Steering Committee, the co-founder and immediate past-chair, Partners for Sustainable Development; assisted in writing and acquiring a $6,000 grant form Kraft General Foods with a possible $6,000 follow up at a later date;

ii.                   Participated in over a dozen PSD steering Committee and General Membership Meetings

iii.                  Participated in a PSD sponsored Pesticide Project, sunroof demo initiative, petition drive on global warming, as a member of 35 nationwide institutions on White House Conference on global warming

iv.                 Participated in Ossining High School College Fair for Pace University

v.                   A founding and co-organizing member of NY State wide Conference on Global Climatic Change

vi.         Continued coaching AYSO SOCCER for both children for the eighth year

vii.                Participated in one day symposium on Gulf2000 run by Gray Sick at Columbia University

viii.              Attended a United Nations Dinner function, promoting MSES

F.     Professional 

i.                     Elected for Chair-Elect 1999, Chair 2000, The American Chemical Society’s New York Section

ii.                   Served as a member of Audit Team led by the Chemical Manufacturing Association for several days to assess the Responsible Care and Environmental Safety and Health Programs at Ciba-Specialty Chemicals.

iii.                  Nominated for the ACS National Director at-Large.

iv.                 Co-organized, co-hosted, and co-sponsored the New York State Conference on Economic Development and Climate Change

v.                   MARM’97 completed with submission of final report (enclosed), and remained Steering Comm. Member

vi.                 Helped set up a Chemistry Department Scholarship fund through $8,000.00 donation by MARM

vii.                Member of Steering and Organizing Committee, ACS-NY Research Symposium

viii.              Candidate for Chair-Elect, ACS-NY Section

ix.                 Active with four nationwide civic organizations pertaining to the promotion of Persian American Community




Persian American Cultural Foundation

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