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  Faculty Activities 2000
  March 28, 2001



Spring 2000 Through Fall 2000

Name David M.A. NabiRahni ††††††††††††† †††††

Rank Professor ††††††††††††††††††††††† †

Department Chemistry and Physical Sciences††††††††††††††† Campus Pleasantville†††

Adjunct Professor, Environmental Law, Pace University

Adjunct Professor, Department of Dermatology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY 10595 (Re-appointed through December 2002 by the Dean of School of Medicine)


  Course Nos.
Special Programs
Release Time
Spring 2000 CHE 112, CHE 331 _________________ 3
Summer 2000 CHE111 _________________ NA
Fall 2000 CHE111L; CHE221; LAW802 LAW SCHOOL 3

B. Cite specifically how your current research enhances your teaching effectiveness.

Utilizing contextually our continued scholarly interests and contributions in the exciting areas of Asymmetric heterocyclic synthesis and characterization, biosensors for clinical and environmental monitoring, forensics and nano-engineering in those courses I teach, illustrates the every day examples where science plays a crucial role.

C. Cite specifically how your current professional activities enhance your teaching effectiveness. As an active member of the American Chemical Society including several of its divisions, I keep abreast of the latest development in pedagogy and technology as applied to the instruction in the chemical sciences. As a member of various science based email groups and on line periodicals, I also bring relevant topics to classroom.

†D. Please comment on any other teaching related matter that you wish to discuss: May I specifically cite the existence of Student Course Evaluations as on the Departmental file to serve as an integral part of such faculty evaluations.


Continued work on the synthesis, characterization, conformational and electron transfer investigation of germanium heterocyclics. This led to several presentations at the local and National ACS by our student Nancy Khoury who is currently employed at Purdue Pharmaceuticals in Ardsley.

Editor of Scholarly Periodicals: Serve as North American Editor, Journal of Iranian Chemical Society (JICS). Also, Member of the Editorial Board, Iranian International Journal of Science (Professor Cumrun Vafa of Harvard and A. Mansouri of Purdue University typify other Board members).

D.†††† Other Publications

†Book Reviews: Reviewed a new Analytical Chemistry Textbook published by Houton Mifflin Company of Boston, MA 02116 (2000)

†Newspaper Articles or Columns:

Environment and Sustainability, page 6, March 27th, Chemical and Engineering magazine of the ACS.

E.††† Other Research and Scholarly Activity

Colloquia Delivered:

Research Grants Reviewed (Specify amount and whether Pace or outside source):† Served as a reviewer, October 14-16 preceded by nearly a month of heavy reviewing, at the CIES-Fulbright Board Review, DC for the Scandanavian Countries. Fifty awards totally to over two millions were selected.

G.†††† Work-in-Progress

Completed Articles (submitted and currently under review; specify title of†††††††††††††††††††††††† journal and date submitted):

A perpetual paradigm on Time and Calendar, Persian Heritage Magazine, Winter 2000 (100,000 readership)



A.†††† Students

Annual Number of Advisees at the Undergraduate Level: ~five. I have, however, provided informal advice to many students both in Dyson College and the Law School on academic and professional matters.

Advisor To Student Organization: Faculty Advisor (Jan.-Aug.) Studentsí Affiliate of the Am. Chem. Soc.

Service To Student Service Areas Such As Placement, Co-op, Admissions, etc.:†††† Have regularly disseminated potential co-op and permanent positions among students, fine tuned their resumes, and pitched their resumes to potential employers.

Have written approximately 30 letters in support of students for work, medical or graduate schools.

B.          Pace University Committee and Administrative Assignments

Member, Faculty Affairs Committee

Dyson Committees:† Faculty Concerns and Budget


C.          Academic and Professional Organizations

Offices Held

Memberships: 2000 Chair, American Chemical Societyís New York

Steered eight Board Meetings including Chairship for the January 22 Section Conference at St. Peterís College Jersey City, where our keynote speaker Dr. Mary Kirsshoff AAAS Fellow spoke on Green Chemistry. Also, steered over forty topical groups, sub-sections, committees for the ACS. (For Complete Annual report, go to ACS New York section website)

As the Chair of the ACS NY, active participation in nearly 30 seminar events in NY Metro; I

Attended the International Law/Human Rights Sloan Lecture by Prof. Cherif Bassouni at the Law School, Environmental Conference in Long Island, and as a member attended several lectures at the NYC based Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs.

Chaired the Nichols Symposium and Banquet on April 7 at Crown Plaza, White Plains, NY

Member, Nichols Jury 1998-2003.

October 19 and 20, Rockefeller Universityís Centennial Celebration and its designation as a National Historical Chemical Landmark. (co-sponsor and co-host on behalf of the ACS-NY)

Reviewer for Academic or Professional Journal or Conference: Iranian Journal of Chemistry and chemical Engineering; Iranian Journal of Science.

††††††† Program Chair or Discussant at Academic or Professional Conference: B. Iranian expedition of July-August 2000

Lectures on my research and the future status of science and technology at

Guilan University 3-dyas (August 1-3)

Zanjan University 3-days (July 25-27)

Zamzam Headquarter (August 10-12)

Meeting as Editor, North America, Journal of Iranian Chemical Society (August 5-6)

Helped organize two symposium on Biosensors for the Pittsburgh Conference, but could not attend due to lack of response for travel funds commitment from Pace. 

†††††† Participated in:

Othmer Award in Chemical Technology of Carl Djerassi at Waldorf Astoria May 19;

50-year ACS Members Award/Retired Chemistsí luncheon, Chemists Club of New York May 10;

Undergraduate Research Symposium May 6 Fordham University;

ACS Career Day NYU April 29;

Dyson Award Students Ceremony May 17.

Honors, Awards, Appointments, Degrees or Professional Certification received: A. SCHOLARLY AWARD RECIPIENT February 2-11, 2000

1st prize recipient, Algorithm (Al-Khawrizmi) Scientific International Award Tehran, Iran

UNDP UNESCO, Third World Academy of Science. Other award recipients were form Russia, China, Denmark, Hungary, Malaysia and Sweden among several others countries.

Gave five talks, was interviewed by nearly 30 media, and appeared in almost all including TV and radio and science periodicals.

I.††† Public Service

Advisory activities with business, government, labor, or other institutions or individuals; remunerated or non-remunerated:

Elected for a three-year term, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County (FCWC), an overarching umbrella of over 50 organizations and several hundred individual members.

Relevant service to community and civic organizations:

Met with Public Administration colleague F. Hormozi and the Westchester County Executives and Officials. Followed up with Dr. Syed of the county Health Department to assist him and his staff in identifying projects and securing funds.

Worked on a community-based project to assess the impact of the use of pesticides on the Watersheds in the Lower Hudson basin, led by Cornell Universityís Cooperative Extension and led by Dr. Mary Cooper.

In order to promote the legitimate aspiration of nearly one million Americans of Persian heritage, to preserve their cultural identity while facilitating their assimilation into the US fabric, to ensure tangible recognition for their contributions to society, and to defend their constitutional and civil rights, Rahni has provided sustained level of leadership in setting up several non-for-profit 501 ©(3) organizations that follow herein. Such efforts have co-yielded in a membership drive of tens of thousands, fund raising and pledges in excess of one million dollars, half a dozen petitions to the US government on community based policy issues with a cumulative signatures of over ten thousands, and Rahniís monthly contributions in the form of an article available on one the web sites below. In such capacities, I have co-written several nationwide petitions with over ten thousand signatures submitted to the administration. Our PWC Organization for which I serve as the Chair has intervened on Academic freedom and faculty discrimination cases, as well as the same against a Fortune 50 Corporation.† Lastly, my regular monthly writing s on the plight of Americans of Persian heritage have been published with extensive readership

Co-founder, and elected as the first President of the Persian Watch Center: Iranian-American Antidiscrimination Council (http://www.antidiscriminaiton.org)

Advisory Board Member and Co-founder at:

World Political Action Committee (http://www.worldpac.org)

Iranians for International Cooperation (http://www.iic.org)

Persian Heritage Foundation (http://www.iran-heritage.org)

Nahal Scholarship in Chemistry

Senior Counsel and C-founder, Persian American Chemistsí Association of the ACS

Contributor to Persian Heritage Magazine (http://www.persian-heriatge.com)

Assists in editing and promotion of Iranica Encyclopeadia (http://www.iranica.com), a Columbia University based project that has thus far published 10 of the 28 volumes of the set.

Also, assisting in gala and fund raising for Iranica Encyclopaedia.

Provided science and mathematics tutorials to needy Ossining students.

Other Service Activities (Such as radio or television appearances, newspaper interviews, speaking and attendance at off-campus meetings and conferences, etc.): Was interviewed by nearly 30 media (Papers, magazines, TV and Radio) in Iran during the February 2-11 period of receiving the Algorithm Award.


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