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  2001 Activities

Faculty Activities 2000
  December 25, 2001



Spring 2001 Through Fall 2002

Name David M.A. NabiRahni ††††††††††††† †††††

Rank Professor ††††††††††††††††††††††† †

Department Chemistry and Physical Sciences††††††††††††††† Campus Pleasantville†††

Adjunct Professor, Environmental Law, Pace University

Adjunct Professor, Department of Dermatology, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY 10595 (Re-appointed through December 2002 by the Dean of School of Medicine)


  Course Nos.
Special Programs
Release Time
Spring 2001 CHE 112, CHE 331
(Lecture & Lab)
_________________ 3
Summer 2001 CHE111 _________________ NA
Fall 2001 CHE111L; CHE221
(Lecture & Lab); LAW802
_________________ 3

B.Cite specifically how your current research enhances your teaching effectiveness.

Utilizing contextually our continued scholarly interests and contributions in the exciting areas of Asymmetric heterocyclic synthesis and characterization, in vitro and in vivo measurement of brain neurotransmitters, biosensors for clinical and environmental monitoring, forensics and nano-engineering in those courses I teach, illustrates the every day examples where science plays a crucial role.

C.Cite specifically how your current professional activities enhance your teaching effectiveness. 

As an active member of the American Chemical Society including several of its divisions, I keep abreast of the latest development in pedagogy and technology as applied to the instruction in the chemical sciences. As a member of various science based email groups and on line periodicals, I also bring relevant topics to classroom.  My teaching is further enhanced by immense amount of lecture notes and other pertinent materials developed and uploaded on my web site.

D.Please comment on any other teaching related matter that you wish to discuss: May I specifically cite the existence of Student Course Evaluations as on the Departmental file to serve as an integral part of such faculty evaluations.


Continued work on the synthesis, characterization, conformational and electron transfer investigation of germanium heterocyclics. This led to several presentations at the local and National ACS by our student Nancy Khoury who is currently employed at Purdue Pharmaceuticals in Ardsley. Have started collaborating with professor Patricia A. Broderick, a renowned neuropharmacologist at CUNY Medical School.s

Editor of Scholarly Periodicals: Member of the Editorial Board, FBI's Forensic Science Communication Journal Serves as North American Editor, Journal of Iranian Chemical Society (JICS). Also, Member of the Editorial Board, Iranian International Journal of Science (Professor Cumrun Vafa of Harvard and A. Mansouri of Purdue University typify other Board members).

D. Other Publications


INVERSION, ACS Inorganic Chemistry Journal 2001, 40 (15), 3830-3832.

2. Rahni, D.N. Presentation on my tenure as the 2000 ACS-NY Chair, ACS National Meeting, Chicago August 2001.

3. Iranian Presidential Election and the Iranian-American Diaspora, Iran Today, June 2001 issue under Opinion articles http://www.irantodayonline.com (both print and on line format)

3. Panahi, the Iranian Internationally acclaimed film maker and the finger printing of passengers of Iranian heritage, July issue of Iran Today http://www.irantodayonline.com (both on line and print format)

4. Environmentalists should rethink strategy: environment and sustainable development, A piece that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education, January 19, 2001 (page B22).

5.   ACS Membership Efforts, a Commentary published in C&E news Magazine January 22, 2001, page 8. 

6. Persian American Community should seek leadership, January 10, 2001 http://www.payvand.com 

7-11. Persian Watch Cat: the Iranian American Anti discrimination Council, a press release and commentary Jan. 13, 2001.

Different versions appeared in http://www.iranian.com  http://www.worldpac.org http://www.iran-heritage.org

http://www.iic.org  and www.parastoo.com

12.Ossified Interpretation of Islam and Other Religions IRAN TODAY, January 2001,  http://www.irantodayonline.com

13. Encyclopedia Iranica, April 2001 http://www.irantodayonline.com  

14. On The Critical Role of ACS Local Sections, Chemical &Engineering  News Magazine January 7, 2001.

 15. Rahni, D.N. Deterrence, Detection and Mitigation of Biological Agents , A Review article prepared for the FBI's Journal of Forensic Science Communications.

16. Rahni, D.N , Deterrence, Detection and Mitigation of Biological Agents , A Review article prepared for the FBI's Journal of Forensic Science Communications.

17. Rahni, D.N Recent advantages in Environmental Forensics with emphasis on portable and Electrochemical based technologies, A review article prepared for the FBI's Journal of Forensic Science Communications.

18. Attended and judged Science Fair at the NY Institute for Special Education, April 5, 2001.

19. Gave a lecture and panel discussion on Leadership at Hamden Academy, CT April 5.

20. An article on Anthrax insights being prepared for the Journal of Forensic Identifications.

E. Other Research and Scholarly Activity  

Began collaborating with Dr. Patricia Ann Broderick, Dept Pharmacology and Physiology, CUNY Medical School on the development and application of micro-bio-sensors for in vivo monitoring of brain neurotransmitters, leading to a 2002 sabbatical leave position as a Senior Medical Research Associates. 




A.†††† Students

Annual Number of Advisees at the Undergraduate Level: I have provided informal advice to many students both in Dyson College and the Law School on academic and professional matters.

Advisor To Student Organization: Faculty CoAdvisor (Jan.-Aug.) Studentsí Affiliate of the Am. Chem. Soc.

Service To Student Service Areas Such As Placement, Co-op, Admissions, etc.:†††† Have regularly disseminated potential co-op and permanent positions among students, fine tuned their resumes, and pitched their resumes to potential employers.

Have written approximately 30 letters in support of students for work, medical or graduate schools.

B.          Pace University Committee and Administrative Assignments

Member, Faculty Affairs Committee , and served as a selection comm. member, Kenan.

Dyson Committees:† Faculty Concerns and Budget


1. Member of the Board of Editors, FBI's Forensic Science Communication Journal.

2. NIH Review Panel Member, Bioengineering and Physiology (Radiology/surgery) , SBIR Implant-able Medical Devices† tens of proposals reviewed ranging form $50K to nearly $3 million dollars requested. June 23-26, 2001.

3. Review member, Fulbright Scandinavian Countries Awards, September-October 22, 2001.

4. Member (elected), Federated Conservationists of Westchester (2000-2003).

5. Co-Founder and president, Persian Watch Council, the Iranian-American Anti Discrimination Council http://www.antidiscrimination.org

6. Board Member, at up to five non-for-profit organizations nationwide.

C.          Academic and Professional Organizations

Offices Held

Memberships: 2000 Chair, Board Member (1999-2001) American Chemical Societyís New York

ACS Councilor at-large (1999-2001).

Jury Member (1998-2003), Nichols Jury (Symposium and Banquet on April 12, 2001 at Crowne Plaza, White Plains, NY)

Reviewer for Academic or Professional Journal or Conference: FBI's Forensic Science Communication Journal; Fulbright Board, NIH and Iranian Journal of Chemistry and chemical Engineering; Iranian Journal of Science.

I.††† Public Service

Elected for a three-year term, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County (FCWC), an overarching umbrella of over 50 organizations and several hundred individual members.

   Worked on a community-based project to assess the impact of the use of pesticides on the Watersheds in the Lower Hudson basin, led by Cornell Universityís Cooperative Extension and led by Dr. Mary Cooper.

  In order to promote the legitimate aspiration of nearly one million Americans of Persian heritage, to preserve their cultural identity while facilitating their assimilation into the US fabric, to ensure tangible recognition for their contributions to society, and to defend their constitutional and civil rights, Rahni has provided sustained level of leadership in setting up several non-for-profit 501 ©(3) organizations that follow herein. Such efforts have co-yielded in a membership drive of tens of thousands, fund raising and pledges in excess of one million dollars, half a dozen petitions to the US government on community based policy issues with a cumulative signatures of over ten thousands, and Rahniís monthly contributions in the form of an article available on one the web sites below. In such capacities, I have co-written several nationwide petitions with over ten thousand signatures submitted to the administration. Our PWC Organization for which I serve as the Chair has intervened on Academic freedom and faculty discrimination cases, as well as the same against a Fortune 50 Corporation.† Lastly, my regular monthly writing s on the plight of Americans of Persian heritage have been published with extensive readership

Co-founder, and elected as the first President of the Persian Watch Center: Iranian-American Antidiscrimination Council (http://www.antidiscriminaiton.org)

  Advisory and, or Board Member and Co-founder at:

World Political Action Committee (http://www.worldpac.org)

Iranians for International Cooperation (http://www.iic.org)

Persian Heritage Foundation (http://www.iran-heritage.org)

Nahal Scholarship in Chemistry

Senior Counsel and C-founder, Persian American Chemistsí Association of the ACS

Contributor to Persian Heritage Magazine (http://www.persian-heriatge.com)

Assists in editing and promotion of Iranica Encyclopedia (http://www.iranica.com), a Columbia University based project that has thus far published 10 of the 28 volumes of the set.

Also, assisting in gala and fund raising for Iranica Encyclopaedia.

Provided science and mathematics tutorials to needy Ossining students.


The content of this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge,and will be updated periodically. Materials herein may be reproduced with prior authorization from D.N.Rahni.