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  Curriculum and lecture Documents
  Analytical Chemistry Lectures

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MS Word Documents

1. Applications of Oxidation /Reduction Titration-Part 1

2. Applications of Oxidation/Reduction Titration-part 2

3. Complex-Formation Titration

4. Precipitation Titrimetry

5. Important Chemical Concepts

6. Statistical Analysis

7. Complex formation Titrations

8. Development of the Periodic Table

9. The Atomic Theory

10.Chapter 1

11.Chapter 3

12.Chapter 4

13.Chapter 5

14.Chapter 8

15.Chapter 9

16.Chapter 12

17.Chapter 13

18.Chapter 16

19. Lab Manual for CHE111

20.Lecture Manual for CHE111

21. Fundamental Plasma Investigations

22.Lab Outline for 221

23.Lecture Outline for 221

24. Solution Stoichiometry

25.Web results for volumetric titration 

Powerpoint Presentations

1.Electroanalytical Chemistry

2.Introduction & applications of infrared spectrometry

3.Introduction to Chromatographic Separations and Gas Chromatography

4.Molecular Luminescence Spectroscopy

5.Radiochemical Methods

6.Ultraviolet or Visible Molecular Absorption Spectrometry

7.Surface Characterization by Spectroscopy and Microscopy

8.Analytical Chemistry Presentation

9.Chapter 1

10.Chapter 3

11.Chapter 4

12.Chapter 5

13.Chapter 7

14.Chapter 8

15.Chapter 9

16.Chapter 11A

17.Chapter 12

18.Chapter 13

19.Chapter 15

20.Chapter 16

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