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  Curriculum and lecture Documents
  Environmental Chemistry lectures

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MS Word Documents

  1. Anthrax Insights
  2. Acid rain causes and affects
  3. Acidification of Natural Ecosystems
  4. Airborne Mercury Contamination and the Neversink Reservoir
  5. An Inquiry Into Non-Biological Anthropogenic 
  6. Bioremediation Methods for Oil Spills
  7. Causes and Casualties of Coral Bleaching
  8. Chlorinated Drinking Water and Bladder Cancer
  9. Coral Bleaching Presentation
  10. DBP Overheads
  11. Deforestation and its effect on Environment
  12. Deforestation and its effect on Environment1
  13. Deforestation 
  14. Desertification
  15. Economics and the ecology of the rainforest
  16. Endocrine Disrupters
  17. Environmental ethics
  18. Genetically altered food 1
  19. Genetically altered food 2
  20. Have We Heard the last of DES
  21. Orca diversity
  22. Population and the Earthís Capacity to Support It 
  23. Rabies report
  24. Rabies report continued
  25. The American lobster
  26. The Problem of Chemical Weapons Disposal
  27. The Role of Bioenergies in Global Warming
  28. The War for Normanís River
  29. Using the Capacity of Forests to Absorb Carbon 
  30. Water Treatment: Disinfection Processes
  31. Xenoestrogens and Breast Cancer
  32. Desertification Final
  33. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and its Environmental Benefits
  34. Chemical Warfare- Detection of Chemical Weapons
  35. NIMBY- Environmentally cleaner Energy
  36. Behavioral and Physical Traits from Animals to Humans and the Chemicals that Bind them

Powerpoint Presentations

  1. Acid Rain: Causes and Effects
  2. Biomass to Biofuel An Alternative Energy Option
  3. Genetically altered foods
  4. Deforestation Slides
  5. DES slide show
  6. Episodic acidification presentation
  7. Environmental Estrogens
  8. Endocrine Disrupters: Effects on Wildlife
  9. Environmental lead : The Genetic Effects
  10. Environmental Estrogens and Breast Cancer
  11. Rabies, the Fury Virus
  12. Rainforest Economics
  13. Forest Stressors
  14. The Maine Lobster Fishery
  15. Understanding Desertification
  16. Whirling Disease Presentation
  17. Desertification
  18. Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology and its Environmental Benefits
  19. Understanding Desertification
  20. Fresh Water
  21. An Analysis of the current waste to Ethanol Technology

**The students of classes 1998-2005 have continually contributed toward further development of these lecture notes and thus are dully acknowledged with much appreciation for their contributions**

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