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  Curriculum and lecture Documents
  Law 802: Scientific and Technological Issues in Environmental Law

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MS Word Documents and HTML Pages

  1. Ammonium Perchlorate: What do we do when we discover a "new" contaminant in our drinking water
  2. An Analysis of Road Salt and Alternatives in the New York City Drinking Water Supply Watershed
  3. An Overview of Pesticides
  4. Application of Glyphosate to Narcotics Crops - The Chemical War on the Environment
  5. Class Exercises for Lectures 1-8
  6. Discussing Issues in Environmental Ethics
  7. Drinking Water and Disinfection Byproduct
  8. Endocrine Disruptors: Effects on Wildlife and Human Reproductive Systems
  9. Environmental Estrogens
  10. Episodic Acidification and Changes in Fish Diversity in Pennsylvania Headwater Streams
  11. Fibropapillomas and Marine Turtles: An Extinction Threat. A Case of Green Turtles
  12. Fuel Cells Systems: Greenish Power
  13. Harlem's North River Wasteland Treatment Plant: Sanctuary or Sepulcher
  14. Hydrogen Gas From Pond Scum
  15. Natural Attenuation, Bioremediation and Slow Release Compounds
  16. Organic Agriculture
  17. Playing the Soy God: Use of Biotechnology to Produce Clyphosate Resistant Soybean
  18. Pfiesteria Pisciciida
  19. Particulate Matter
  20. Petroleum Hydrocarbons: A Survey of Structures, Weathering, and Remediation
  21. Pesticide Pollution: The Seven Springs Controversy
  22. Science paper - Tropical diseases
  23. The Impact of Ashanti Goldfields company limited on the environment of Obuasi
  24. The HIV-AIDS Link
  25. The Need of Organ Donors
  26. Tropospheric Ozone: Formation, Impacts and Regional Transport
  27. Using the Capacity of Forests to Absorb Carbon - A Feasible Alternative to Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions
  28. Wetland, Its functions and Values; Especially on tidal flat 2
  29. Whirling Disease 2
  30. Wind Energy
  31. Yellow Gold and Green Highways
  32. Yellow Gold bibliography

Powerpoint Presentations

  1. Xenotransplantation
  2. Overview of pesticides
  3. Wind Turbines
  4. Radon
  5. Chagas disease
  6. Organic Agriculture
  7. Hydrogen Gas From Pond Scum
  8. Yellow Gold & Green Highways

Adobe Acrobat Documents

  1. At the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima, Or Why Political Questions Are Not all Economics
  2. Chapter 1 from Pattern and Process in a Forested Ecosystem
  3. Chapter 2 from Pattern and Process in a Forested Ecosystem
  4. Chapter 2 from Plants, People and Culture
  5. Chapter 23 from Ecology
  6. Chapter 24 from Ecology
  7. Chapter 5 From Pattern and Process in a Forested Ecosystem
  8. Definition: Atmospheric dispersions is the spreading...
  9. The Entropy Law and the Economic Problem
  10. Transformation of Freshwater Ecosystems by Bivalves

Resourceful Links on the Internet

  1. Handbook of Forensic Services
  2. Learning Links
  3. Infotrac
  4. National Academy Press
  5. National Academy Press 2
  6. National Academy Press 3


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