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Curriculum vitae 

D. N. Rahni, Ph.D.

Pleasantville, NY 10570
Phone  (914) 773-3655
Fax      (914) 773-3418

E-mail:nrahni@pace.edu & drahni@law.pace.edu & drahni@optonline.net

Website: http://www.DrRahni.com

Higher Education Experience

Professor Pace University (1993-current)
Member Editorial Board, FBI's Forensic Science Communications Journal (2001-2003)
Sr. Med. Res. Assoc. CUNY Medical School, CCNY Campus, Harlem, NY (Sabbatical)
Adjunct Professor LL.M. Environmental Law School of Law, Pace University (1990-current)
Director (founding) Graduate Program in Environmental Science, Pace Univ. (1996-99)
Associate Professor  Pace University (1988-91)
Assistant Professor  Pace University (1986-88)
Adjunct Professor  New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY (1994-current)
Senior Medical   Research Associate CUNY Medical School, CCNY, Harlem, New York (2001-)
Visiting Professor  Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford,   U.K. (1994)
Fulbright Scholar  Technical University of Denmark, Manufacturing Engineering, Copenhagen (1993)
Visiting Professor  Inst. Anal. Chem., University of Florence, Italy (Summer 1990)
Director Ctr. for Applied Analytical Chemistry, Pace University (1988-90)
Adjunct Professor  Manhattanville College, Purchase, N.Y. (1990-93)
Visiting Faculty  II University of Rome (Su1987) * U. Florence, Italy (Su 1991)
Post doctoral (LSU) University of New Orleans (PT 1986)
High School Has taught (PT) and developed science curriculum

Industry Experience

Corporate Reviewer

Chem. Manufacturing Assoc. Team Member, reviewed Environmental, Safety and Health, under Responsible Care Initiatives, Ciba Specialty Chemicals (Dec. 1998)

Expert Witness 

Numerous legal cases and report writing (1991-)

Visiting Scientist

Ciba-Specialty Chemicals, Ardsley, N.Y. (1993)

Visiting scientist

IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Manufacturing Engineering/Electrochemical Technology, N.Y. (1991-92)

Research Scientist

American Health Foundation, Valhalla, N.Y. (Fall 1987)

Research Chemist 

Universal Sensors, Inc., New Orleans, L.A. 70006 (1985-86)

Lecturer Akzo-Nobel, Inc. (March 2003)


Have served on per diem bases for numerous projects

Academic Training







Analytical Chemistry

Inorganic/Bio-Chemistry University of New Orleans(LSU)




Biochemistry Statistics

Eastern New Mexico University




Biological Sciences

National University of Iran



  • Outstanding Service Award, AM. Chem. Soc. NY (2006)
  • Algorithm Scientific International Award (2000)
  • Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence (1997-98)
  • Distinguished Scientist, The Am. Chem. Soc. Westchester Section (1996)
  • J.W. Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, The Technical Univ. Denmark (1993)
  • Visiting Professor of Chemistry, The University of Oxford, UK (1994)
  • Visiting Professorship Award, The Royal Danish Society, (summer 1994)
  • Outstanding Graduate Student in Science, Eastern New Mexico University (1980)
  • Member, Sigma XI Research Honor Society (1984)
  • Have been elected by the Eastern New Mexico University, alma matter to appear in "Hall of Graduate Honors"
  • Outstanding Service Award, The Am. Chem. Soc. Westchester Section (1991)
  • Service Award, by the ACS New York Section for MARM’97 Leadership as Chair
Continuing Education

Practicum in Mediation and Negotiation  (Graduate Course)

Columbia Univ.





2 ACS Leadership Retreats

Ft. Lauderdale 

1996 & ‘99




Environmental EPA methods

ACS National University


Characterization of Protein Folding (2D-NMR & CDS)

Univ. of Oxford


Offered a three day workshop Denmark 1994

Bioconjugate Chemistry

ACS Short Course


DNA Probes & Related Tech

ACS Short Course


Chem. Challenges in Immunology

ACS Short Course


Computer-Integ(Lab Automat)

ACS Short Course


Professional Experience

1999-2000 Chair-Elect, Chair American Chemical Society's New York Section.
1996-1999 Director, Graduate Program in Environmental Science, Pace Univ.
1992-present Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Pace Univ., Pleasantville, N.Y.
1995-present Adjunct Professor, New York Medical College, Valhalla, NY
1993 (Jul-Dec)    J.William Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, Institute of Manufacturing Engineering, Center for Advanced Electroplating, Technical University of Denmark, Lynby DK-2800
1994 (Spring) Visiting Professor of Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford, Oxford, OXON, The United Kingdom (with Prof. H. Allen O. Hill)
1994(June) Visiting Professor of Manufacturing Engineering,TechnicalUniv. Denmark, an award by the Royal Danish Research Academy
1993  Visiting Academic Scientist, Ciba-Specialty Chemicals Corp., Ardsley, NY
1990-1992 Associate Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Pace University
1991 - 1992 Visiting scientist, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center, NY
1991 & 95 (Summer) The United Nations Development Prog. (UNDP) Visiting Faculty
1992-present Adjunct Professor, LL.M. Env. Law, School of Law, Pace Univ.
1990 (Summer) Visiting Professor, Institute of Anal. Chem., Univ. Florence, Italy
1988-90 Director of the Center for applied Analytical Chemistry, Pace Univ.
1990-‘93 Adjunct Prof. Chem., Manhattanville College, Purchase, N.Y.
1986-‘89 Assistant Professor of Analytical Chemistry, Pace University
1987(Summer) Visiting Faculty, II University of Rome, Italy
1987 (Fall)  Adj. Research Scientist, Am. Health Foundation, Valhalla, N.Y.
1985-‘86 Postdoctoral Fellow and Senior Research Scientist, Universal Sensors, Inc., New Orleans, L.A.70006 & University of New Orleans
1984-‘85 Research Chemist, Universal Sensors, Inc. New Orleans
1981-‘85 Teaching and/or Research Assistant, University of New Orleans
1979-‘80 Teaching and/or Research Assistant, Eastern New Mexico Univ.
1975-’79 Sciences and English Teacher; also administered Foreign Language Department, Armaghan Tarbiat Private School, Tehran, Iran

Other Professional Activities

Councilor American Chemical Society
Board of Editors Member, Forensics Science Comm J. (2001 - published by the FBI)

Chair-Elect & Chair

American Chemical Society’s New York Section (1999 & 2000)  

Fulbright Reviewer

Member, Scandinavian Countries          

NIH Reviewer 

Bioengineering, Physiology, Radiology and Surgery Review Member 

Founding Member

Committee on NYS Conference on Economic Development and Climate Change (1997-98)  


Federated Conservationists of Westchester County  


Rockefeller University’s designation as National Historic Chemical

Landmark, Symposium and banquet


Environmental and Sciences Advisory Council for Nita M. Lowey, 20th District US Congresswoman (1989-92)  

Chair & Founder

A partnership with half dozen school districts, towns,Westchester Land Trust and Pace entitled, “ Partners for Sustainable Development in Lower Hudson Valley” (1996-97)  

Visiting Faculty

The United Nations Development Program( Summer 1992 & 95)  

General Chair

31st. Middle Atlantic Reg. Conf., the Am. Chem. Soc. (300 papers)  


Chair (1991), Executive Secretary (1989), Member, Board of Directors(1988-’92), Westchester Chemical Society of the ACS  


Environmental Advisory Council, Village of Ossining, New York, (1990-1993)  


Rene DuBos Annual Environmental Conference (1998-99)  


Analytical Letters and Journal of Iranian Chemical Society (JICS), also on National Science Foundation and NIH reviewers list  

Regional Editor


Host Member    

National American Electrochemical SocietyConference, New Orleans, Louisiana, (1984)


ACS Industry-Academe Comm. (1988) and member since 1987  


ACS-NYS Students’ Research Assoc. (1987) and member (1986-)  


ACS-NYS Environmental Committee (1995-) 


On the list for the UN Development Program  (UNDP) (1988-); Also, have served  as consultant for various manufacturing firms         


Chem. Manufacturing Assoc. team to review Responsible Care, and Environmental Health & Safety policies and practices of a multi billion dollars corporation.  


ACS Nichols Medal Symposium and Banquet March 15, 1999

Fund raising     

Active with successful track records 

Scholarship Fund

Established a chemistry student scholarship fund  

Instrumentation   Acquired instrumentation worth over $200K  donated to Pace Univ.
Grantsmanship Have co-written and co-submitted nearly 2 million dollars (2003)


North American Editor, JICS, the Journal of Iranian Chemical Society


  • U.S. Citizen
  • Married, three children
  • Multi-lingual, diverse heritage, and inter-culturally cognizant
  • Interpersonal skills, oral and written communication
  • Well traveled; lived in, and visited over 20 countries
  • Global orientation and extensive professional and personal
    Networks, spanning in all continents, especially in the US

Societies and Organizations

American Chemical Society 

Sigma XI Research Society

Analytical Division of ACS

New York Division of ACS

Westchester division of ACS

New York Academy of Sciences.

American Association for Clinical Chemistry (1981-93)

Society of Electroanalytical Chemistry

Founder,Chairperson and current Advisor, Persian-American Chemists Assoc. of ACS Education, Environmental, and Polymer and  Professional Relation of ACS
Fulbright Alumni Association Professional Relation of ACS


Fulbright Alumni Association

Fields of Interests and Experience

  • Academic Leadership in Higher Education for the 21st. Century

    Distance learning, on-line education, integrated approach to teaching, scholarly pursuit and service, inter-culturalism and multi-lingualism, internationalization, diversity, public science literacy, science education, appropriate use of instructional technology, inter-, and multi-disciplinary, and multi-jurisdictional team approaches to curriculum, and, student centered, learner based, life-long and adult education. Endowment and public image building, industry-academe and community collaboration. I have participated in debates on higher education challenges, as promoted by Pew Charitable Trust, Knight Collaborative, Carnegie Council on Ethics and International Affairs, and, Carnegie Endowment for Teaching among others.
  • Scholarly track records

    Analytical chemistry, clinical, environmental and process method development; Environmental forensics, Synthesis and structural elucidation of novel heterocyclics; nano-engineering; manufacturing,in vitro and in vivo monitoring of brain neurotransmitters, forensics, and process and QA/QC engineering.
  • Environmental and Natural Resource Conservation       

    DNA adducts as agents for chemical or environmental carcinogenesis, or  mutagenesis, Sustainable Development, environmental chemistry and science, law,  and policy, environmental forensics, environmentally benign by design and green technologies, persistence, bioaccumulative and toxicity assessment of industrial chemicals, climate change and natural resource conservation, ISO 9000 and 14000 series, Environmental Management System.   
  • Government, Science & Technology, and Society

    National priorities for global competitiveness, science education, environment and climate change, health care and preventive medicine, urban crime prevention and control technologies and forensics, science in space, and international cooperation in science and engineering.

Teaching Experience

Environmental Chemistry and Science, General Chemistry I & II for science and non-science majors, Analytical chemistry, Instrumental methods of Analysis, Clinical Chemistry, Special Topics on Applied Electrochemistry with emphasis on Biosensors for Clinical, Environmental and industrial Analysis, Topics in Environmental Science, Advances in Surface Characterizations and Instrumentation for manufacturing engineering, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Chemistry of Art, and Scientific and Technological issues in Environmental Law. Graduate level Advanced Topics in Environmental Science I & II, advanced Environmental Analytical Testing.  Also, have assisted in the development of two Forensic Chemistry courses.

Research Skills and Tools 


NMR, MS, UV-Visible, Near & IR, Raman, Atomic Spectroscopy, AAS, AES, AFS, X-ray fluorescence and X-ray diffraction


GC-MS, HPLC, IC, CE and various detectors


Potentiometric, amperometric, galvanostatic, biosensors


SEM, STM, TEM, SFM, IR-ATR, and Fluorescence Microscopy

Filed Monitoring:         

Potable instrumentation technologies for environmental,forensic, clinical, space exploration and manufacturing detection


Versed with hardware and software management, Microsoft Suite, databases, network, computational, graphical and statistical packages.



1.      Dr. S.D. Pastor, Senior Research Fellow, Ciba-Specialty Chemicals, 540 White Plains Road, Tarrytown, NY 10591-9005 . Phone 914-785-4276    ,email: steve.pastor@cibasc.com

 2.      Dr. G. Julian, Professor of Political Sciences, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY 10570-2799                                                                  Phone:914-773-3959   ,email gjulian@pace.edu 

3.      Professor Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Professor of Environmental Law, Pace University,    78 North Broadway, White Plains, NY 10603-3796, Phone 914-422-4343            ,fax 914-422-4437,email rkennedy@genesis.law.pace.edu

4.      Dr. J. Morelli, Senior Scientist, Akzo Nobel, Inc.1 Livingstone Avenue, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-3401    Phone914-674-5133    ,fax 914-693-6814       ,email John.Morelli@akzo-nobel.com

5.      Professor Richard  Ottinger, Dean, Pace University School of Law, and former Member of the House of Representative, White Plains, NY 10603-3796 Phone 914-422-4205 fax 914-422-4015                                               email Rottinger@Genesis.Law.Pace.Edu

6.      Dr. A.W. Salotto, 1978-2000 Chair, Department of Chemistry, Pace University, Pleasantville, NY 10570-2799            Phone 914-773.3727   ,fax 914-773-3418       ,email asalotto@pace.edu

7.      Dr. Michael Lemke, Professor of Biological Sciences, University of Illinois, Springfield, Ill  62794-9243 Phone217-206-7339, fax 217-206-6162, email Lemke.Michael@uis.edu 

8.      Dr. S. Madon, Professor of Biological Sciences, San Diego State University’s Perl Laboratory, CA  92182-1870 Phone 619-594-5809, fax 619-594-0958        ,email Smadon@perlsdsu.edu

9.      Members of Congress Nita M. Lowey & Benjamin Gilman, The House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

 A number of generic supporting letters are kept, and available upon request.

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