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New York

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Professor of Chemistry
Pace University, New York
Senior Medical Research Associate CUNY Medical School "2002-'05"
Adjunct Professor,
Department of Dermatology-
New York Medical College
Adjunct Professor
Pace University Environmental Law "1987-2005"
Chair-Elect (1999), Chair (2000)
Executive Board Member
American Chemical Society's
New York Section

Post Doctoral
University of New Orleans / Universal Sensors, Inc.
University of New Orleans
Eastern New Mexico University
National University of Iran
Symposium Presider, Counterterrorism and Homeland Security, Pittsburgh Conference (March 7-12, 2004)
Algorithm Scientific International Award (2000)
Kenan Award for Teaching Excellence (1997-98)
Distinguished Scientist, The Am. Chem. Soc. Westchester Section (1996)
J.W. Fulbright Senior Research Scholar, The Technical Univ. Denmark (DTU), (1993)
Visiting Professor of Chemistry, The University of Oxford, UK (1994)
Visiting Professorship Award, The Royal Danish Society, (summer 1994)
Outstanding Graduate Student in Science, Eastern New Mexico University (1980)
Member, Sigma XI Research Honor Society (1984)
Have been elected by the Eastern New Mexico University, to appear in alma matter in "Hall of Graduate Honors" (1989)
Outstanding Service Award, The Am. Chem. Soc. Westchester Section (1991)
Service Award, by the ACS New York Section for MARM’97 Leadership
Fulbright Senior Specialist and Reviewer
Editorial Board Member, Forensic Science Communications (01-03)

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Dr. David N. Rahni, Chair, New York Section, American Chemical Society at the Centennial Symposium, The Rockefeller University.

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       Philosophical Perspective in Life                       Educational and Scholarly Specializations

Recognizing the Earth's finite natural resources and its limited carrying capacity, we should appreciate that we are merely the guardians of such resources having borrowed them from our future generations, and not the sole proprietors having inherited them from our past ancestors. Therefore, we should perpetually refine and optimize practices, lifestyles, science and technologies and Yes, novel green chemistries that are environmentally benign by design-- that meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the abilities of the future generations to meet theirs. We humans are not the apex of the pyramid of life, but rather an integrated and interactive player of a horizontal web of life. This requires a multijurisdictional paradigm shift with a cross disciplinary approach that almost touches all the "E" curricula: Earth, Environment, Ecology, Education, Energy, Economics, E-Commerce, E-Communication, Ethics, Equity, aesthetics, and Empowerment....This is the epitome of sustainable development and inter generational equity as a guiding principle in my life.
(D.N. Rahni, excerpt from The Chronicle of Higher Ed. , Jan 19, 2001)

Analytical Chemistry, Instrumental Methods of Analysis, Chemistry of Art, Environmental Chemistry,Environmental Science and Law, Bio-electroanalytical Chemistry, Neuropsycho-analytical pharmacology, In vivo Microvoltammetric Measurement of Neurotransmitters in Brain, Biosensors for Clinical, Environmental, Forensic Monitoring, and Manufacturing QA/QC, Immobilized Enzyme, Nano-Engineering, Sustainable Development, and Medium-Sized Synthesis of Hindered Phosphorus, Sulfur Germanium Compounds, Method Development for Assessment of Persistence, Toxicity and Bioaccumulation of anthropogenic Substances in Human and Ecological systems, Environmental and Clinical Forensics, Government Science & Technology Policies.

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