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David N. Rahni is running for the Director At-Large for the American Chemical Society Board of Director

Dear American Chemical Society Member,

David Rahni of New York (www.drrahni.com) is a well recognized name, not only in the chemical community, education and research due to his two decades of contributions and leadership track records for the advancement of our professional goals, but also in terms of his multifaceted and steadfast activities in the broader community. We have encapsulated his biography herein for your review.

With the persuasion of a group of his colleagues and peers, he has now accepted to run for the Director at-Large Board position of the ACS as voted directly by the Councilors through mailed ballots this fall, and only after he receives 300 signatures by ACS members, no more than 50 of which could be from the same local section. So, may we present to you the attached bio and a blank petition for your further duplications, distributions and securing signature collection from ALL ACS members. Such completed legible petition forms could then be sent back to either of us via the addresses below or directly to Davidís Office as cited at the end of the petition. Upon his qualification, please be sure to communicate your support of his candidacy to your local section or division councilors. This alternative mode of nomination and election is stipulated in the ACS by-laws and has in recent times been employed routinely by electing ACS Presidents and Board members into Office (e.g. Attilla Pavlath).

May we pledge to you of David Rahniís commitment to ensure that you do have a voice, loud and clear at the ACS Board!

For Campaign Committee to elect David Rahni to the ACS Board as Director at-Large

Very truly yours,

Ali Banijamali,
Ph.D. Research Fellow Crompton Corporation 199 Benson Road,
Middlebury, CT 06749
Adjunct Associate Professor School of Pharmacy,
University of Connecticut
Voice: (203) 573-3220; Email:

Touradj Solouki,
Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry
University of Maine Orono, ME
Voice: (207) 581-1172; Fax: (207) 581-1191

Click here for an abridged biographic sketch of Dr.Rahni

A Committee to elect David N. Rahni for the Director at-Large position of the American Chemical Society, based on a petition as mandated by the direct endorsement of ACS members, has now been set up. This pro bono position is filled through ballots sent out only to ACS Councilors in the fall 2004. So, please be sure to circulate and sign the petition attached, return it to him by June, and inform your ACS Local Section and Division Councilors of your support of Rahniís candidacy.

As a member of the ACS since 1980, David Rahni has served our Society and the profession with distinction and in a wide array of leadership capacities. His accomplishments include serving as the 2000 Chair and on the Executive Board (1999-2001) of American Chemical Societyís New York Section where the ACS was conceived 126 years ago. He has also been an ACS-NY Board member from 1987 to the present where he is Alternate Councilor.  He has chaired Westchester Chemical Society, served as the General Chair of the 31st. Middle Atlantic Regional Meeting of the ACS in 1997, and has served as a jury member and 2004 Chair of the Nichols Chemistry Medal, the oldest and among the most prestigious Chemistry Awards in the nation.

When entrusted with your vote of confidence, David Rahni pledges to represent your views and concerns at the ACS Board and further pursue the following topics of broad member interests and in the context of the ACS Mission:

  • Member Empowerment through Divisions and Local Sections 
  • Transparency in ACS processes and practices 
  • The Balance between professional outlook of chemists and their equitable      wages and due recognitions by their employees and the society at-large 
  • Assessment of ACS Publication Division to ensure due tangible      recognitions to the contributing authors at the (inter-) national levels 
  • Articulation of ACS Leadership role in the global chemical education, R&D and manufacturing    

nrahni@pace.edu 914-773-3655

Please duplicate and disseminate as necessary, and send inquires and completed signed petitions to:

Chemistry MH12C Pleasantville, NY 10570


We, the undersigned members of the American Chemical Society, hereby nominate Professor David N. Rahni as a candidate for Director-At-Large for the ACS Board.

Member Printed Name                                       Signature                                                              Local Section
































Please mail the signed petition to:
D. Rahni
Pace University

Chemistry MH12C Pleasantville, NY 10570

The content of this website is accurate to the best of our knowledge,and will be updated periodically. Materials herein may be reproduced with prior authorization from D.N.Rahni.