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Don't Go There

Anti-Terrorism or Anti-Science?

Persia Reinstated

Hot Water

Common Language

The American Iranian Council

Persian Watch Center: Iranian-American Anti-Discrimination Council

Iranians for International Cooperation

World Political Action Committee

Federated Conservationists of Westchester County

Persian Watch Cat" Seeks Leadership Participation in the US


Ask President Bush to Stop Mistreating Iranians at US Airports

Who We are at IIC

ACS-NY Presentation - Solar Radiation

Encycopaedia IRANICA Article

UN Dialogue among Civilization

July-August 2000 FCWC Westchester Environment

About Federated Conservationists of Westchester, Co, Inc. and its Board of Directors

UN Dialogue

Co-founder, and elected as the first President of the Persian Watch Center: Iranian-American Antidiscrimination Council

Advisory Board Member and Co-founder at: World Political Action Committee

Iranians for International Cooperation

Persian Heritage Foundation

Persian Watch Cat: the Iranian American Anti discrimination Council, a press release and commentary January 13, 2001





Abolition of Death Penalty in Iran FOR EVER

A Letter on The Local Sections in C&E News January 7, 2001

Persian Gulf Task Force


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