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How to Form a Boy Band

Step 1: Find Members!

Typically, boy bands consist of boys with distinct looks and personalities. In order to optomize your appeal, you should follow the classic boy band formula. What you need is...

"The Dreamboat": Every group has a pretty boy. This boy should be soft-eyed and smirking to make the ladies swoon.

"The Bad Boy": This boy should be the edgy, but not too edgy. He should have just enough of a soft side to make him likeable but he should also be someone you would be nervous to introduce to your parents right away.

"The Funny One": This boy should be goofy, cute, and kind. He will serve as comic relief and create shenanigans that will make your band relatable.

"The Sweet One": This boy does not have to be the cutest, because his personality will do the talking. He should be the rule follower of the group who is known for being very compassionate and sensitive.

Feel free to add any "other ones" you choose as long as they fit a distinct personality trait. Quick Tip: The boys in the band do not have to be the best singers. Being marketable is the most important factor when choosing the members of the band, but talent is a great plus!

Step 2: Find Your Style!

This may be the most important part of the process. Each boy should have a distinct style that goes along with their "personality" but there are a few avenues you could take...

Matching is a common style choice for boybands, especially the classic 90s boybands. If choosing to match, each member should be wearing the same ensemble, but with someone very small to set them apart. For example, the "bad boy" could wear sunglasses with his outfit, or "the dreamboat" could have the sleeves cut off of his T-shirt to show off his arms.

Individual styles is also an option, though much bolder. The best exmaple of this is One Direction, who marketed this very well. Louis always wore suspenders and stripes, Liam always wore buttondowns and khakis, Zayn always wore varsity jackets, etc. Although the boys did not match or wear the same exact clothes for every performace, their style was very clear which made it marketable.

Step 3: Make Yourself Known!

There are many ways to do this, but these ways will skyrocket you to fame in no time...

Date a celebrity and this celebrity's fans will automatically become your fans. It will also get you into the tabloids and give you an opportunity to talk to reporters and plug your own band. After your band is starting to become well-known, a high profile break up is a great way to make the member of your band seem vulnerable and this could in turn gain even more fans.

Booking popular talk shows is instrumental in creating success. Having witty banter with Ellen or playing a game with Jimmy Fallon could expose potential fans to the likeable qualities of the band. This is also a good way to expand a fan base by intorducing yourself to new audiences.

The most important thing to remember is that any news is good news as long as people are talking about you. You must keep your name in the news in order to gain a following.

Step 4: The Music!

Many people believe that this is the most important step in creating a successful band. While that may be true for rockbands or solo artists, boy bands are not in the same boat. If the band is already marketable, the music is not as important. Singles must be catchy and the type of music that gets stuck in your head. As long as songs are able to get radio play, the music will be a success. It is also smart to have some slower songs on an album to show the softer and sweeter side of the band.

Creating a boy band is easy. The hardest part is staying popular and creating a legacy, which only few boybands have been able to do.

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