Eugene Richie
English Department at Pace University ~ New York

Author Photo by  Raimundo Mora

                        Island Light (Painted Leaf Press)                                     Selected Prose by John Ashbery (Univ. of Michigan Press/Carcanet)
                                      Cover art by Jane Freilicher                                                          Cover art by Fairfield Porter

        In Island Light, the sun falls on a city like Manhattan, in a river valley that seems to spread out before our eyes
like one of the great troubled wonders of the universe. These  poems are maps 
of the reality we imagine in dreams and the paths we travel during our few days on earth. 

        "'Such was earthly life,' Eugene Richie writes in 'Croton  Reservoir.' And such it is: strip malls, freeway scenery,
        family romance, loved objects, rain, the promise of sleep, rude awakenings, the unceasing patter of what Heimito
        von Döderer called 'the machinery of life' -- all suspended and made memorable in the even gaze of love. His poetry
        enchants even as it fixes the spinning atoms that are what we know of our time here."   --John Ashbery 

        "These subtle, deft poems are like an intimate  conversation: full of an uncanny delight in the companionship of a world whose details are as ordinary as they are miraculous. 'What directions do we follow, what  puzzles can we solve?' Eugene Richie knows how to ask  the right questions, and to answer them 'in a language we call home'."   --Ann Lauterbach 

"Eugene Richie's poems negotiate the sum between what is lost and what is found.  They are hopeful in the face of myriad threats.  And graceful in a world where grace is often not prized."  --James Tate

EUGENE RICHIE is the author of a poetry chapbook entitled Moiré and a co-translator of My Night with Federico García Lorcaby Jaime Manrique (Painted Leaf Press). His poems and translations have appeared in publications such as The Denver Quarterly,   Poetry New York, Mudfish, Private: Arts, Ploughshares, The Literary Review, Broadway II, and the Anthology of Contemporary Latin American Poetry: 1960-1984. He edited John Ashbery's Selected Prose (University of Michigan Press and Carcanat Press, 2004). He is a founding editor of The Groundwater Press and teaches at Pace University in New York City. 

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