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(Adapted by Eugene Richie from the Annenberg/CPB Epiphany Project Field Guide to 21st Century Writing, linked to the Epiphany Project Home Page at htttp://

If you've found the Pace University Guide to Writing and Technology Across the Curriculum helpful, we'd appreciate hearing from you. We'd like this book to become more valuable each time it is reproduced. So, please take a few minutes to reflect on what is contained here and let us know what you think. Copy this form and mail your feedback to Linda Anstendig (Department of Literature and Communications, PLV) and Eugene Richie (Department of English, PNY) or e-mail us at ( or (

What did you find especially helpful about the Pace University Guide to Writing and Technology Across the Curriculum?

What was missing from this book that would have made it more helpful to you?

What suggestions would you make for overall structure of this book?

What parts of this book did you use most?

Please make any additional comments here and offer whatever constructive criticism you think would help us with future editions.


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