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At Pace there is a growing concern about the need for reinforcing writing across the disciplines, and about the need for integrating technology into teaching. With the more general use of computers and other writing-based tools, such as online conferencing, electronic journals and e-mail, it is important to begin to synthesize writing assistance and technology support in a model that will affect educational experience in a productive and humanizing way. Some pioneering faculty have developed several innovative multimedia and writing intensive courses involving Internet research, hypertext and composition, literature in text and image from Beowulf to King Lear, a Shakespeare Web page for Henry V, and several composition and literature courses, using e-mail, Web pages, and hypertext. Although some faculty have been using the few computer classrooms, there is a lack of sufficient technical support, which results in user confusion, as well as software, hardware and server problems. Other faculty have been hesitant to take up the challenge. Thus we have designed a program in which professors and students working together will be able to take advantage of all that Pace has to offer in technology, channeling their efforts to make a significant impact on curriculum while helping to maintain learning balances.


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