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Description of NEH Pilot Program

In the NEH-funded Writing and Technology Assistants Program, we will train a core of students to assist professors who wish to use computers to integrate technology and writing into their courses. The program will begin with a pilot project in humanities courses for the 1998-99 academic year.

Professors will work together with students on identifying curriculum needs, and students will work as writing and technology assistants for about 15 hours per week, giving technological support as well as serving as writing tutors. On-going faculty development will also be an important part of the program. Faculty will meet together 3 times during the semester, and the Writing Directors will guide professors who are working on writing-intensive projects using technology. Student assistants will meet regularly with the Writing Directors, who will mentor them and monitor their work.

Assessment will also be an important part of this program. Student portfolios (traditional and/or electronic) could be developed in these courses to serve as a model for creating "capstone" portfolios. Using questionnaires, interviews, and student writing, the professors and Writing Directors will evaluate the impact of this program on all involved and will maintain a Website for the Program.


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