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Writing Activities:

Writing involves a complex process of pre-writing, drafting or composing, and revising and editing. Here are activities that cover the stages of the writing process. According to Toby Fulwiler, in his book Writing Across the Disciplines:

This assumption, the notion that writing is a process, "something which shows continuous change in time like growth in organic nature" (McCrimmon 4), is at once familiar and foreign to teachers in disciplines other than English. Familiar, because, as writers of articles, proposals and books, college teachers struggle with "process" each time they do a piece of writing; foreign, because these same teachers often require single-draft writing in the form of term papers and essay tests from their own students. At the writing workshop teachers are asked to engage in exercises which reacquaint them with the frustrations (and joys) of the composing process: . . . Prewriting, writing, responding and revising, brought to consciousness through group discussion, emphasize clearly the process involved in generating a serious piece of public prose. (23)


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