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Like listserv newsgroups or other online bulletin boards, Webboard is a computer program that distributes a typed message to everyone who has access to the list, or, in the case of Webboard, to the Internet. An individual who has access to the Internet, can log in to Webboard from anywhere, unless otherwise specified. (A professor can choose to limit access to the site to Pace students). Webboard can be used in a number of ways, for example, as an in-computer-classroom activity or as an out-of-class electronic journal assignment. When students post messages, not only do they create a new virtual space in which to exchange ideas, they also switch the audience for their ideas from the professor at the center of the classroom to each other. The nature and quality of the discussion changes, and a new kind of talk-in-writing text is created for class use.

  1. To get a preview of this software, type the following URL:; then click on Webboard link from home page. You can also access the Webboard , by typing the following URL:
  2. To set up Webboard for your class, e-mail Dirk Klingner, Pace Information Systems Librarian, at
  3. The first time you sign on: click on New User
    • fill in your name and password (make up one you will remember that’s at least 4 letters and/or numbers -write it down)
    • Create your user account by filling in information asked for next to red bullets
    • If you do not have an e-mail address, you still need to fill this in: use the first letter of your first name and your complete last name and add
    • Click on the Create button at bottom of screen
  4. The conference screen will come up in 2 frames: On the left you will see some conferences listed, e.g., Eng. 102, or, Links to the Environment 499; English 116 and the Environment. Click on the conference that applies to your class.
  5. To post a message after you have clicked on a conference or sub-heading topic, follow these directions:
    • Click on Post on blue menu bar in right frame and type in the topic (subject heading) Do not click on Post on black menu bar
    • Type in message in large box
    • Click on Post
    • You will get a preview of your message and you can spell check and edit it at this time.
    • Click on Post again
  6. To reply to a topic: Click on Reply from blue menu bar in right frame and follow the same procedure as above for posting. You may find it easier to Click on Reply/Quote, which will include original message.

    ** Please make sure that you post and reply to messages that are relevant to the class theme or subject at hand and are appropriate for class discussion.

    Examples of Ways to Use Webboard

    1. Responses to readings-students can respond to questions posted by the professor, or can ask their own questions. Students can create and reply to topics and sub-topics, setting up various discussion threads.
    2. Extension of class discussion-students can be asked to post summaries of whole class or small group discussions, or to make connections with a discussion topic and readings, films, or real world examples. Sometimes if a controversial issue has been addressed in class, students may feel more comfortable expressing their perspectives online. Also, they have more time to develop thoughtful responses.
    3. Communication with students in other classes-students can share their ideas with others on the same campus or across campuses. For example, Eugene Richie, on the New York Campus and I, on the Pleasantville Campus, have both taught English 102 in the same semester and have had our students read some common works. We used the same Webboard conference and gave our students opportunities to converse across the miles about their literary insights. Though they never met, students were influenced by each other’s writing and research work. They also shared Website evaluations on material they were reading.
    4. Creation of links to Internet research sites-By typing in a URL, or Internet address in the message box, students can create direct links to Internet sites. They can find and evaluate relevant sites for others to access and comment on.
    5. Use of Chat Room feature-Webboard also has a Chat function, which enables students to have same time(synchronous) discussions during class time. The professor can help students structure and focus these discussions. Students themselves can work in groups to initiate discussion with prepared questions.
    6. Use of Copy, Paste, and Attach Files-students can import text from word processing software so that others can read their essays and respond constructively to them. The new text and comments can then be saved and used to create a final draft.


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