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Home Page Resources
Linda Anstendig's honors Internet research course
Martha Driver and Jeanine Meyer's multimedia course
Geoffrey Brackett's Lit. 212 course
Pace WAC Home Page, link to online Guide
Jane Collins's Shakespeare project
Richmond Writing Fellows Handbook

Web Page Creation and Evaluation Resources
Pace library data sources, and Evaluating Internet Resources
Virginia Montecino
Robert Harris
Janet Alexander and Marsha Tate

Annotated Literature and Writing Resources (Geoffrey Brackett)
The Epiphany Project
This is the Annenberg-funded Corporation for Public Broadcasting group that designated Pace as a university site to integrate technology into writing and literature courses. Their Website comes out of George Mason University, and has several useful links to other sites. A good link to check here is the "Courses and Curricula," which will connect you with online syllabi for many different writing classes.

U of Texas "World Lecture Hall"—English and Writing Section
This site contains links to many composition and writing courses and online materials to support such courses. A good place to see how online courses are devised and structured.

Voice of the Shuttle Home Page
This is one of the most extensive humanities Websites available. It has links to many disciplines, and covers everything from Calls for Papers for scholarly activity to online writing help for students. Developed and maintained by Alan Liu at University of California Santa Barbara.

U Pennsylvania English Department Home Page
This is a model English Department page, I think, and it contains links to many other helpful sites. It also gives an idea of how it is possible to unite scholarship, course materials, and public relations on the Web. Jack Lynch, in particular, has a lot of good links and information online.

"The English Server" at Carnegie Mellon University
This site contains links to works about various topics used in the discipline of English, and is a good connection to resources for Drama, Feminism, Cultural Studies, and many other topics.

U of Illinois at Urbana Writers' Workshop
This site has several good links, including very useful ones for ESL teachers and students. There are not only online grammar books and the like, but also vocabulary grammar quizzes available. This is the kind of thing that can help supplement a student's tutoring.


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