About Us

On the Pace University New York City campus, the HWT Sisters are known for our continuous and faithful service to both within and outside the school community.  Over the past few years, we have been the recipients for the 2002-2003 and 2000-2001 "Outstanding Fraternity/Sorority of the Year” Award, among other awards we have received; we, the Sisters of Eta Omega Tau Sorority, Inc. repeatedly prove our standing as the HWTtest Sorority on campus with our diversified events geared towards the needs of the young collegiate adult rather than solely to the young female interested in joining a sorority.

After more than a decade of continuous active Greek Life participation, our founding mothers can now sit back and reflect upon what has flourished from their initial dream.

"Almighty Alpha Chapter"

the very individuals which they considered to have the qualities to be a ©HWT© sister have indeed performed to their expectations.

We have skilled and perfected the ideals of our Sisterhood. Anyone who comes into contact with any one of the Queens of the Pink and the Black are ensured to experience the true meaning of our Sorority.

Our Founding Mothers and Alumni Sisters can rest assured and have confidence that we will indeed continue the Legacy known as HWT - therefore enabling them to focus their efforts in other endeavors for the overall benefit of the Sorority.