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1984                  The University of Connecticut; Ph.D. in Biology

Dissertation: "Interspecific Acoustic Interactions Among Three Species of Neotropical Hylid Frogs"


1978                  Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies;

                          M.F.S. in Wildlife and Population Ecology


1976                  Connecticut College; B.A. in Botany, Cum Laude, Dean's List all semesters




1985                  Dobzhansky Prize, Society for the Study of Evolution




                          Animal Communication, especially Behavioral and Neurobiological Aspects

  of Communication in Anurans




2001-                 Graduate & Undergraduate Environmental Science, Animal Behavior, 

                          Integrative Env. Sci. Seminar, Practicum in Research Methods, Graduate

  & Undergraduate Ecology, General Biology (Lab & Lecture: 101, 102),

  Human Biology & Contemporary Society Lab (Pace University)

2000                  Environmental Studies (Univ. of Missouri),

1997-1999         Herpetology, Neuroethology, Community Biology (Univ. of Missouri)

1991-1998         Behavioral Biology, (Univ. of Missouri)

1991                  Environment and Man, Ecology (Univ. of Connecticut)      

1990                  Vertebrate Biology, Ecology (Univ. of Connecticut)           

1987-1990         Animal Communication (Brown Univ.)

1979-1984         Graduate TA: General Biology, Ecology (Univ. of Connecticut)




2010 -                 Professor, Pace University; Teaching & Research


2005 -                 Associate Professor, Pace University; Teaching & Research


2001 - 2005       Assistant Professor, Pace University; Teaching & Research


1996 -2000        Visiting Assistant Professor, The University of Missouri

                           Teaching & Research


1991-1995         Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Missouri;

                          Anuran behavior and auditory neurophysiology research;



1990-1991         Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biology, The University

                          of Connecticut; Teaching


1987-1990         Postdoctoral Research Associate, Brown University;

                          Anuran auditory neurophysiology and behavior research;



1984-1986         Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Connecticut;

                          Empirical and computer simulation study of biophysical ecology of

  gypsy moth caterpillars


1982-1996         Smithsonian Short Term Fellow (six summers), Smithsonian Tropical

   Research Institute; Independent field research


1978-1979         Museum Assistant (part-time), Division of Reptiles and Amphibians,

National Museum of Natural History; Collection maintenance, specimen     identification


1978-1979         Research Assistant, Zoology Dept., University of Maryland;

                          Starch-gel electrophoresis and field collection for a study of the systematics

  of plethodontid salamanders


1978                  Research Assistant, Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies;   Collected field data in a

  study of the reproductive potential of genetic strains of pitch pine


1977                  Summer Intern, The Nature Conservancy, Connecticut Chapter;

                          Faunal inventory and habitat analysis of Conservancy preserves in Connecticut


1973                  Assistant to Curator of Botany, New York State Museum and Science Service; Collection and

  preparation of specimens for the herbarium




1985-2010         Vocal behavior of Hyla crucifer and H. versicolor, Northeastern & Central U.S.

1984-1996         Male vocal behavior in Hyla microcephala, Panama

1989                  Consequences of call interference in Physalaemus, Panama

1988                  Communication in Hyla cinerea, Georgia

1980-1982         Acoustic interactions among three species of Hyla, Panama

1980                  Vocal communication in Centrolenella fleischmanni, Panama

1976-1978         Population ecology and genetics of deer in Connecticut

1973                  Bog community dynamics, New London, Connecticut.

1973                  Ecology of freshwater vascular plants, Albany, N.Y.




                          Programming experience with FORTRAN and C

                          Experience programming the analysis and synthesis of sound and on-line

  data acquisition

Extensive experience using SAS (Statistical Analysis System) and statistical packages for PCs

                          Web page creation for biology classes




                          Animal Behavior Society, Ecological Society of America, Society for the Study

of Evolution, American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists, Society for

the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles, Herpetologists League, American Society of Naturalists,

AAAS, Sigma Xi




2009                  Pace Scholarly Research Awards ($500, $2500)

2004-2009         National Science Foundation ($180,000)

2003-2004         Eugene M. Lang Presidential Research Fellowship (Pace Univ.)

1998-2003         National Science Foundation ($116,871)   

1993,1996         Smithsonian Institution Visitor Award ($2000)

1989,1991         Smithsonian Institution Visitor Award ($2000)

1988-1990         NIH National Research Service Award ($58,750)

1983                  University of Connecticut Dissertation Fellowship

1982                  Smithsonian Institution Short Term Fellowship ($2000)

1981-1984         University of Connecticut Predoctoral Fellowship

1976                  Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies Grant for Research


SERVICE (External):


2008                  Guest Editorship for special issue of the Journal of Comparative Psychology


2006                  Organizer of Symposium (Acoustic Interactions in Animal Groups): Acoustical

                          Society of America (151st Meeting)


1998                  National Science Foundation Panel for Physiology & Ethology


1986-                 Reviewer for:

Animal Behaviour, Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology, Biology Letters, Canadian Journal of Zoology,

Ethology, Copeia, Herpetologica, Journal of Herpetology, Biological Journal of the Linnaean Society,

Journal of Comparative Physiology A, Behavioral Ecology, Bioacoustics, Amer. Zoologist,

Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology,  Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, Journal of

Experimental Biology, National Geographic Society, Caribbean Journal of Science, National Science Foundation


SERVICE (Community):


2003-2010       Judge - Westchester Science and Engineering Fair

2002 -             Research Mentoring of High School Students


SERVICE (Internal - Pace U.):


2008 -              Pace Sustainability – Campus Culture & Academics Subcommittee

2005 -              Treasurer, Pace Chapter of Sigma Xi

2004 -              Chairman, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee – Dyson Campus

2004-2006       Chairman, Subcommittee on Student Research Program in Biology

2004 -              Pre-professional advisement subcommittee

2003-               Kenan and Scholarly Research Committee

2003 -              Co-Coordinator of Sigma-Xi Scholarly Lectures

2003 -              Masters Thesis Committees (ENS Program)

2002 -              Biology Dept. Search Committees

2002 -              Biology Dept. Review & Curriculum Committees

2002 -              Environmental Track Coordinator for Biology Department

2002 -              Program in Environmental Science Review & Steering Committee

2002 -              Environmental University Day Speaker

2001 -              Student Advisement

2001 -              Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee – Dyson Campus

2001 -              Participant in Dyson Biology & ENS Open Houses




    4/08               Western Connecticut State University, Department of Biology

  11/07               Columbia University, Department of Biology (Neurolunch)

   3/07                Marymount College of Fordham University, Department of Biology

   9/06                Pace University (NYC), Dept. of Biological & Health Sciences

   6/06                Symposium: Acoustic Interactions in Animal Groups

  Acoustical Society of America (151st Meeting),

   3/06                Bear Mountain League of Naturalists

   4/05                Union College, Dept. of Biology

   1/05                National Museum of Natural History

   5/04                Symposium: Animal Bioacoustics in Honor of Donald Griffin

                          Acoustical Society of America (75th Anniversary Meeting)

   4/04                Utica College of Syracuse University (Dept. of Biology)

   7/03                Fordham University, Calder Center (Dept. of Biology)

12/02                Symposium: Amphibian Bioacoustics in Honor of Robert Capranica -

  Acoustical Society of America (144th Meeting)

 11/02                Fordham University, Dept. of Biology

  3/02                 Brown University, Psychology Dept.

  1/02                 Pace University Sigma Xi Chapter

  4/01                 Institute of Ecosystem Studies

  7/00                 Dept. of Biology, Pace University

  4/00                 Natural Sciences, Casenovia College

  4/99                 Dept. of Biology, S.U.N.Y. at Plattsburgh

  2/99                 Dept. of Biology, Roanoke College

  2/99                 Dept. of Biology, Eastern Illinois University

  7/98                 ASIH: Symposium on Recent Advances in Anuran Communication

  2/98                 Dept. of Biology, Franklin & Marshall College

  2/98                 Dept. of Biology, Stephen's College

  9/97                 Midwestern Regional Animal Behavior Society: Symposium on Neuroethology

  of Sensory Systems   

  3/96                 Dept. of Psychology, University of Wisconsin

  2/96                 Dept. of Biology, University of Missouri, St. Louis

  9/95                 Fourth International Congress of Neuroethology: Symposium on Communication

                          in Insects & Frogs

  1/95                 Dept. of Biology, Washington University

  4/94                 Midwestern Regional Animal Behavior Society: Symposium on

                          Neuroethology of Communication      

  2/94                 Dept. of Biology, University of Nebraska

  1/94                 World Congress of Herpetology: Symposium on Communication

12/93                 ASZ: Symposium on Acoustic Communication in Insects & Frogs

10/93                 Dept. of Entomology, University of Kansas 

  8/93                 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

  6/93                 Fakultat Biologie, Universitat Konstanz, Germany

  6/93                 Inst. fur Zoologie, Technische Universitat Munchen, Germany

  6/93                 Gottingen Neurobiology Conference: Symposium on Pattern Recognition and

  Localization in Acoustic Communication 

  5/93                 ASIH: Symposium on Sexual Selection in Ectotherms      

  7/91                 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

  6/91                 Dept. of Biology, Central Connecticut State University   

  4/90                 Dept. of Biology, S.U.N.Y. at Cortland

  2/90                 Dept. of Psychology, Yale University

12/89                 Dept. of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University

  8/89                 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute

  4/88                 Dept. of Zoology, The University of Oklahoma

  6/87                 ASIH: Symposium on Anuran Behavior

  3/87                 Dept. of Psychology, Brown University

  6/86                 National Museum of Natural History

  9/85                 Dept. of Zoology, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

  3/84                 Institute of Ecosystem Studies

  6/82                 Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute




  7/10                 Joint Meeting of Ichthyologists & Herpetologists

  1/09                 Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (Annual Meeting; Poster)

  8/08                 International Society For Behavioral Ecology – 12th Congress (Poster)

  7/07                 Animal Behavior Society (Annual Meeting)

  4/06                 Northeastern Natural History Conference (Poster)

  8/05                 Animal Behavior Society (Annual Meeting)

  7/03                 First Internatl. Conf. on Acoustic Communication by Animals (Poster & Talk) 

  7/02                 Animal Behavior Society (Annual Meeting; Poster)

  7/01                 Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles

  6/99                 Symposium in honor of Dr. Murray Littlejohn

  2/95                 Association for Research in Otolaryngology (Poster)

  9/92                 Missouri Herpetological Association   

  6/90                 Animal Behavior Society (National Meeting)

11/89                 Northeastern Regional Animal Behavior Society

  9/89                 First World Congress of Herpetology (Poster)

  5/89                 Acoustical Society of America (Poster)

  2/89                 Association for Research in Otolaryngology

11/88                 Population Biologists of New England

11/88                 Northeastern Regional Animal Behavior Society

  8/87                 International Ethological Conference (Poster)

  8/86                 Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles

  6/86                 Society for the Study of Evolution

  5/86                 Population Biologists of New England

  8/85                 International Ethological Conference

  6/85                 Society for the Study of Evolution (Annual Meeting)

10/84                 Population Biologists of New England

12/83                 American Society of Zoologists (Annual Meeting)

  6/83                 Animal Behavior Society (National Meeting)

  4/83                 Conference of Northeastern Herpetologists

10/82                 Northeastern Regional Animal Behavior Society




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