Writing Across the Curriculum 

Welcome to Writing Across the Curriculum(WAC) at Pace University.   We want to keep you informed about events that you can attend, and about writing strategies and assignments that professors in different schools and disciplines are using in their classes.  Please check out the following pages and fill out the questionnaire so that we can be better informed about your thinking about WAC.

What is Writing Across the Curriculum?
What are some examples of  successful Writing Assignments and Strategies?
What are some related Sites?
How can you become involved?
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Guide to Writing and Technology Across the Curriculum
Writing Enhanced Course Program Description

Dr. Linda Anstendig, Prof. English/Communications, Director of Writing, PLV and Dr. Eugene Richie, Asst. Prof. English, PNY, Coordinator of Writing, Co-Chairs of WAC Task Force.
For more information contact us:
lanstendig@fsmail.pace.edu; erichie@fsmail.pace.edu