Dr. Melissa S. Cardon

To contact me:

Phone: 914-773-3618
Fax: 914-773-3920
E-mail: mcardon@pace.edu


Human Resource Management (undergraduate)

                 Average evaluation 4.75

Managerial and Organizational Concepts (undergraduate)

                 Average evaluation 4.85

Human Value in Organizations (MBA)

                 Average evaluation 4.70

Managerial Negotiations (MBA)

                 Average evaluation 4.85

Theories in OB and HRM (PhD)

Emotion in Entrepreneurship (PhD)

Negotiations for Executive Physician’s (Executive)

                 Average evaluation  4.65


Winner of the 2004-2005 Weatherhead School of Management Teaching Award, Case Western Reserve University

Winner of the 2003-2004 Undergraduate Student Government Teaching Award, Case Western Reserve University

Courses Taught and Evaluations (5=excellent)

Teaching Philosophy:


I believe in experiential learning, active engagement of students, and full class participation.  I use cases, simulations, small group discussions, debates, and both impromptu and formal presentations given by students to enhance the learning environment.  I demonstrate the practical value of the material learned.