Dr. Melissa S. Cardon

Dissertation: Organizational Socialization and Knowledge Integration of Newcomers: The Role of Anticipated Tenure

Committee: Heather Haveman, Ruth Wageman, Rita McGrath, Joel Brockner, Ann Bartel, Batia Wiesenfeld

Education & Experience (highlights)

Appointment in the Labor and Human Resources Division, Marketing and Policy Department

Secondary appointment in Organizational Behavior

Assistant Professor, CASE | Weatherhead School of Management, 2001-2005

PhD in Organizational Behavior, Columbia University, 2001

Equal Employment Opportunity Officer

Managed all EEO/Affirmative Action plans for 54 subsidiaries

Worked with recruiting, compensation, generalists, training & development

Human Resources Analyst, KeyCorp, 1993-1996

To contact me:

Phone: 914-773-3618
Fax: 914-773-3920
E-mail: mcardon@pace.edu

Assistant Professor, Pace University Lubin School of Business, 2005-current

Management and Management Science Department