Bus Topology

A bus topology in more technical terms means that it is a method of transmission on networks that uses a common vehicle for transmissions and thus it is categorized as shared communication. Imagine a bus picking up various people from one stop and dropping of people as it travels and then picking a few more. That is what happens in a bus network exactly.

Bus Topology
  • Failure of one of the station does not affect others.

  • Good compromise over the other two topologies as it allows relatively high rate of data tansmittion.

  • Well suited for temporary networks that must be set up in a hurry. (Quick Setup)

  • Easy to implement and extend.

  • Cheaper than the more complex topologies.

  • Require a network to detect when two nodes are transmitting at the same time.

  • Does not cope well with heavy traffic rates.

  • Difficult to administer/troubleshoot.

  • Limited cable length and number of stations.

  • A cable break can disable the entire network; no redundancy.

  • Maintenance cost may be higher in the long run.

  • Performance degrades as additional computers are added.

  • Collisions are common in a bus topology.

  • Difficult to administer and troubleshoot.

  • Maintenance costs may be higher in the long run, cancelling out the low initial cost.

  • Low security measures employed on bus topologies. (All computers can see all data transmissions).

  • Terminators required in order to close path. Eliminated bounce back.

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