Network Devices

Network Devices

There are numerous network devices involved in the sharing of data and access to the Internet. All of the network pieces must work together in order for a network to work properly.

This section will be divided into 4 major categories for each of the most common basic parts of a Network. Within these sections, discussions of the role of each part in the network will be elaborated upon.

  • Routers, Switches, and Hubs

  • Cables

  • Protocols

  • Network Interface Cards (NICs)

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Router, Switches, and Hub are specialized network devices that are involved in the sending, receiving, and sharing of data. This section will discuss what each device does, and what happens when one or all of them fail.


Cables are what connects network devices to client computers and server computers. There are various differnet types of cables in networking. Each cable has advantages and disadvantages which will be discussed in this section.


The Internet Protocol Suite is what allows sharing to take place on the Internet. Major protocol parts to be discussed in this section include IP, TCP, FTP, SMTP, SNMP, and HTTP.


Network Interface Cards (NICs) are computer hardware components designed to allow computers to communicate over a computer network. This section will discuss the process of installing a NIC.

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