Mesh Topology

The mesh topology incorporates a unique network design in which each computer on the network connects to every other, creating a point-to-point connection between every device on the network. The purpose of the mesh design is to provide a high level of redundancy. If one network cable fails, the data always has an alternative path to get to its destination.

Mesh Topology
  • It has multiple links, so if one route is blocked then other routes can be used for data communication.

  • Each connection can have its own data load, so the traffic problem is eliminated.

  • It ensures the data privacy or security, because every message travels along a dediacated link.

  • Troubleshooting of this topology is easy as compared to other networks.

  • Its performance is not affected with heavy load of data transmission.

  • The arrangement of the network nodes is such that it is possible to transmit data from one node to many other nodes at the same time.

  • It becomes very expensive because a large number of cabling and 110 ports are required.

  • Difficult and complicated to install.

  • The arrangement wherein every network node is connected to every other node of the network, many of the connections serve no major purpose. This leads to the redundancy of many of the network connections.

  • Installation is complex as each node is connected to every node.

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