Network Troubleshooting


Computer Networks are essential in the school environment for a variety of different reasons. When the network is not working properly, files cannot be shared, emails cannot be received, internet access is interrupted, and users become irritated.

This section will address many of the issues IT specialists in schools deal with in regards to network issues. This section will be divided into 2 major categories. Within these sections, discussions of problems and solutions to network-related issues will take place.

  • Hardware-Related Issues- Deal specifically with network device failures or malfunctions like networked printers, cabling, routers and modems.

  • Software-Related Issues- Deal specifically what can be done using software like the Operating System. Command-line troubleshooting is discussed as well as other Control Panel applets taht help in the troubleshooting process.

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Hardware-Related Issues involve intermittent issues and/or problems with network devices including, but not limited to modems, routers, swtiches, and individual clients and servers.

Internet Browsers

Software-Related Issues involve network software failures including but not limited to email programs, internet browsers, and networked software titles.

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