Network Topologies


Computer networks employ many different topologies or ways of connecting computers together. Each topology has both pros and cons in regards to the way the cables and other pieces of network hardware are connected to one another.

This section will be divided into 4 major categories. Within these sections, discussions of hybrid topologies may take place.

  • Bus Topology

  • Ring Topology

  • Star Topology

  • Mesh Topology

Sections of Our Site

Bus Topology

Bus Topology is the simplest way to connect multiple clients.This section will analyze the bus topologies and the advantages and disadvantages of a bus network.

Ring Topology

Ring Topology is where each node connects exactly to two other nodes, forming a single continuous pathway for signals through each node in a ring. This section will analyze the advantages, disadvantages, and misconceptions of the ring topology.

Star Topolog

Star Topology is one of the most common networking topologies. The star topology section will discuss the various parts of a star network as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each star topology.

Mesh Topology

Mesh Topology is where each node in a network may act as an independent router. This section will discuss various applications of a mesh network as well as the technical challenges and advantages.

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Research Sources


Network Topologies- What is a Topology?

This very elementary site outlines what a topology is and provides considerations when choosing a topology.

Types of Network Topologies

This site describes what a topology is and defines each of the major network topologies (bus, ring, mesh, star, and tree).

Nework Topologies- Types of Topology Examples

This site introduces topologies and defines each of the major network topologies in use today and in the past. The site also includes diagrams that represent each of the major topologies.

Computer Networking Topology Tutorial

This video from YouTube illustrates how each of the major networking topologies are organizes and how each compares to the other.