Input/Output Devices Section

Teachers and Students alike interact with the physical parts of the computer on a daily basis. These parts of the computer are part of a general category of computers called Input/Output Devices. When you turn on your computer and push the power button on the computer monitor, you are interacting with an I/O device. When you show your students a video on a flash video site with audio, you are using the speakers, another I/O device. When these parts of the computer are not functioning properly, usage of the computer becomes severely compromised. This section of site will focus on troubleshooting Input/Output Devices.

This section will be broken down into the four major categorical Input/Output decives on the computer that many teachers and students encounter problems with in the school setting. They are:

  • Monitors
  • Keyboards
  • Mice
  • Speakers

Parts of the Input/Output Devices Section

This site will be broken down into four sub-sites. Each focusing on a category of problems that plague the teacher on a consistent basis on the physcial computer.


Monitors troubleshooting includes discussion of the various settings on the monitor including horizontal and vertical size and position, color hue, degaussing, and connectivity issues.


Keyboard includes troubleshooting keyboard devices including dealing with sticky keys, cleaning procedures, and connectivity issues.


Mice includes troubleshooting basic mice devices including erratic mouse movement, cleaning procedures for optical and ball mice, and connectivity issues.


Speakers includes troubleshooting for computer speakers including lack of sound, on screen volume controls, and connectivity issues.