Laser Printer Troubleshooting

Laser Printer Problems and Solutions
The printed product is faded.
  • In most cases, you are probably running low on toner.
  • Take off the cover and remove the toner cartridge. (There is usually a handle to pull up and out.) (Click here)
  • First, shake the toner cartridge, and see if you can get more life out of the "caked" toner jammed on the inside of the cartridge.
  • If shaking the cartridge does not yield darker printouts, you may need a toner cartridge replacement.
Printing is smeared, or there are faint lines on the page. (Click here)
  • The fuser may be dirty or broken.
  • This may require replacement.
  • Contact your technology coordinator in your school.
Printer is printing out blank pages.
  • Your toner cartridge may be low.
  • Take off the cover and remove the toner cartridge. Shake it to see if you can get more life out of it.
  • Replace the cartridge and see if this fixes the problem. (Click here)
  • If the toner cartridge replacement does not fix the issue, the drum (what holds the toner cartridge) needs to be replaced.
Printer refuses to print a job.
  • Check the cables. Reconnect if necessary.
  • There may be a paper jam. Check the LED lights on the top of the printer and see if an error light is lit. (Click here)
  • Some printers may point you to where the printer jam may exist (Click here). If not you may need to investigate yourself.
  • Remove the toner cartridge, so you will have easier access to the feeder and where the paper has probably jammed.(Click here).
  • Gently remove the jammed paper, try to avoid ripping the paper, since this will make unjamming the printer more difficult.
  • Once the jam has been removed, the printer should be able to at least try to print a job again.
  • If not, the printer may refuse to print because the toner cartridge is exhausted. Try replacing it, and see if this fixes the issue.
  • Turn off the printer, and disconnect the power cord. Sometimes this will clear the flash memory, and will fix an unresponsive printer.
The printer is printing compressed or garbled print. (Click here)
  • The print fonts on your document may be incompatible with the printer.
  • Try printing with a more generic font, or simplify your layout and try again.
  • There could possibly be a network issue. Check our network printers section, or contact your IT specialist.

NOTE: Check the inkjet printers and network printers sections for more solutions which may or may not be relevant. The problems and solutions on this page are for laser printers in general. For more specific issues consult your manufacturer's website.