Smart Notebook Basics

Smart Notebook Basics
What you want to do?How to do it?
Open a blank Notebook file.
Making Notes on the SMART Board Interactive Whiteboard
  • You can use the physical computer keyboard to type. Click inside the Notebook file and start typing.
  • Pick up a pen from the pen tray and write with the pen or your finger on the SMART Board (Click here).
  • Use the SMART Board keyboard (Click here). To activate the on-screen keyboard, click the keyboard button by the pen tray.
Inserting a Blank Page
  • Select Insert and click on Blank Page.
  • Press Insert Blank page button located on the Notebook toolbar.(Click here).
Saving Notebook File
  • As with most programs in the Windows Interface, click File, Save As, and name your file.
  • You may also elect to save your file in a format other than the Notebook File. You can save your notes as a PDF File, or as a series of HTML or image files (JPEG, GIF, etc.)
  • To save file in a different format, click File and click export. Choose your saving option from the drop-down menu, and click OK.
Adding images or objects into a Notebook page.
  • You can copy and paste an image into a Notebook file from the Internet.
  • You can also access SMART notebook's galleries of objects, images, and flash activities from the SmartBoard toolkit (Click here).
Access the SMART Notebook Toolkit and Galleries
  • Click on the picture frame icon on the left or right side of the Notebook window.(Click here)
  • Resources can be searched for in the search dialog box or the resources can be located through the categories as they appear.(Click here)
Inserting Sound into Notebook file (NOTE: Only .mp3 files can be embedded.)
  • You can attach sound to a given object (I.E. a picture, typed text, written text, etc.). Click the little arrow on the top of the object box and click sound (Click here) and follow the prompts.
Inserting Video into Notebook file
  • You can download a video from a flash video sharing site like YouTube or TeacherTube. First, you need to download the video as a .FLV file.
  • Once you have your video clip downloaded and saved as a .FLV, you are ready to insert it into Notebook.
  • Click Insert, and choose Flash Video File (Click here).
  • The video should be playable directly in the Notebook file.