Michael Szenberg Thru the Eyes of Students
Recent Years

Dr. Szenberg has significantly impacted my studies and my career. I had the pleasure to serve as Prof. Szenberg's graduate assistant for 2 years as well to enjoy some of his classes. Under his tutelage, I went on to graduate at the top of my class. My respect for Prof. Szenberg is endless. He is an amazing person to whom I owe so much. Because of his unbridled will to infuse his knowledge in his pupils, I felt prepared to embark on my career after college. And because of his passion for learning and his love for the students, I felt encouraged to come back to Pace as an adjunct professor in fall of 2012; mainly to proudly follow in his footsteps. I would like to leave you with this poem:

As we are having a competition
Amongst the professors at Pace,
I already know of a champion,
I know who should win this race.

Try to compete with this teacher,
With his greatness, his wisdom, his feats.
Students never missed a lecture,
As his words kept us glued to our seats.

With all honesty and candor,
I am sure you can look but won't find,
An amazing and wonderful mentor.
Professor Szenberg is truly one of a kind.

Finally, I would like to emphasize that Dr. Szenberg lives, breathes and is a constant reminder of Pace's mission of Opportunitas. He invests all of his energy in educating and motivating others to think outside the box. Most importantly he prepares the next generation to succeed in their designated professions as well as their lives. I have had many great faculty at Pace University but no other has embodied Pace's mission and commitment like Dr. Michael Szenberg.

- Yelena Glants, BBA/MBA Summa Cum Laude, CPA
Adjunct Professor, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Senior Accountant, HBO Inc.

Thank you, Dr. Szenberg...
Thanks for your Timely
And Wise advice.
Thanks for teaching me well
For giving me many chances
To prove myself.
For many kind acts
For knowing What to say,
How to say it
And When to say it
Thanks for the many stories and lessons
May God Bless you 100 fold for
All your good deeds and Kind words.

- Nicola Simpson, 2006
Chairperson, English Department at Annapolis Road Academy, Bladensburg, MD

Dr. Michael Szenberg changed me. Not with his teaching; not with his research, not with his wisdom or books, but with his warmth, generosity, compassion and, most of all, faith in me. Dr. Szenberg is about the discovery of humanity within our self and others. The poem below was inspired by him titled: "A Teachers Prayer"

Teacher's Prayer

Teacher, absorb souls who loiter
In the noise of confusion.
One side an infinity of void,
the other,
pregnant with imagination.

Teacher, absorb the blows from
the fortress guards of slavery:
Fear, Hate; Greed.

Be consumed by their flames!
and path a moment passage
for souls to birth and break.

© Frank DiMeglio, 2011

- Frank DiMeglio, DPS
Professor, Keller Graduate School of Management, DeVry University

A teacher has the facility to be charged with fostering a parental bond of intellect with the student, thus giving the teacher tremendous responsibilities to open minds, nurture a new generation's perspectives and, most importantly, change lives. This paramount duty lends to the next generation the ability to discover their talents and to fulfill their true potential.

Dr. Michael Szenberg is not only the embodiment of that statement, but the impetus behind why I wrote this as the introduction to my Philosophy of Teaching Statement that I developed as a doctoral candidate at Pace.

In my academic experience as a student I have come across only a small handful of people who have left their true influence on my mind and soul. Dr. Michael Szenberg is one of those cherished few. He has not only been an educator and a mentor, but a life coach as well. I have witnessed first-hand how his sincere genuineness continues to emanate out of the classroom for each of his students. His passion to see that each of his students succeeds in business and in life can only be compared to that of a loving parent.

Dr. Szenberg has gone above and beyond being my doctoral academic advisor. His guidance has provided me with opportunities in my academic life that would have not been possible without him. His genuine willingness to share his academic success in order to foster my academic career is a selfless act of humility. His actions as an advisor and mentor have afforded me the opportunity to look for ways in which the worlds of teaching, research and business can nurture each other both in and out of the classroom.

- Richard Larocca, DPS 2012, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Director of Assessment, Department of Business and Assistant Professor of Finance, Wagner College

I so much appreciate and have greatly benefited from my education at Lubin School of Business, Pace University. In particular, I did benefit considerably from one of the most important angels in my life, Prof. Michael Szenberg. Because of Prof. Szenberg I was not only able to pursue my education at Pace, but, I found an invaluable mentor to guide me in my career. He is the teacher of life who helped me go beyond what I could ever dream of becoming. He is this type of a person who plants a seed in your heart without your awareness and slowly works with you to cultivate your garden. Since I met Prof. Szenberg, my professional career has flourished. This is the person who taught me of the most valuable skill in life, how to care for others and for yourself. This has become one of the most important lessons I learned at Pace especially now that I have a managerial position. Technical expertise is important, however learning at times to give acts of a kindness towards others, is more important than how technically smart you are. Through Prof. Szenberg's example, I have pursued and found that the support of mentors, colleagues as well as and the support I provide to others creates an environment of success, creativity, and satisfaction.

So today I am happy to return home and to share with you, 7 years after leaving Pace University, that regardless of the pressure and the stress of day-to-day life, giving the kindness, support, and patience to those in need and early in their journey, is invaluable. I hope you have a Prof. Szenberg, or a parent or a sibling, a loved one, who is your angel and may not even know how important his/her act, is in sustaining you through your journey. In a city and industry where success is measured by dollars, I hope that you will also measure success by the gratitude bestowed on you by others.

- Justyna Tuniewicz, MBA 2005, Recipient of the 2011 Alumni Excellence Award, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Manager, KPMG LLP

Yes, the treadmill is an analogy to my path in life, but for one reason or another, there is one thing that I have in my life which the treadmill doesn't. It is my dear Dr. Szenberg. We both know that without you I wouldn't be standing on this stage today. And for that, I am forever obligated to you. I would like to thank you so much for everything. You have helped me in more ways than you will ever know I want to thank you for being my teacher, my mentor, my father and most of all ? my friend. You have made this occasion which would otherwise be a dream a reality for me and I want to tell you that I really love you. And I thank you again.
- Marina Slavina, MBA, Excerpt from Outstanding Student of the Year Address, 2008
Analyst, Antarctica Group

There is another person at Lubin whom I want to give special thanks to - Dr. Michael Szenberg. Dr. Szenberg, there are no words that I can express properly how grateful I am for everything that you have ever done for me. Without you, I simply can never go as far as I am today. You are the one who guided me, assisted me, and always supported me during my study at Lubin. You are my professor, my supervisor, my mentor, and almost like my father, who always encourages me, comforts me, and cheers for me. Dr. Szenberg, you said it is fate that brought us together. What a big fortune that the fate has given to me to let me have you in my life! You always give me a big hug whenever I accomplish something. Today standing here to receive this highest recognition from the school, I want to give you a deep bow, the most respectful way for Chinese people to show their gratitude. Dr Szenberg, thank you for everything!
- Rui (Amanda) Jin, MBA, Excerpt from Outstanding Student of the Year Address, 2006
Consultant, Deloitte Consulting

Most importantly I would like to thank Dr. Michael Szenberg. Dr. Szenberg, there are no words that could express my gratitude to you. You nurtured my determination to succeed, you inspired me, and motivated for new challenges. You are the best teacher a student can imagine because you love your students as if they were your own sons or daughters. You oriented me to strive for perfection in everything I do. My experience at Pace would never be so vital, interesting, challenging, productive, and fulfilling if you were not around. When I met you for the first time I had tears of helplessness in my eyes. Now, I am walking out of Pace with tears of joy.
- Justyna Tuniewicz, MBA, Excerpt from Outstanding Student of the Year Address, 2005
Manager, KPMG LLP

Dr. Szenberg, I would like to thank you, first and foremost. I met you during my first semester here at Pace as my Economics professor and you have provided me support and good wishes every step of the way. You instilled a sense of confidence in me and convinced me that I truly can do anything I put my mind to. You are a true gem to Pace. The school is incredibly lucky to have you and every person that comes into contact with you will know this and cherish you as well. Thank you for helping me to become a stronger and better person."
- Erica Caplan, MBA, Excerpt from Outstanding Student of the Year Address, 2004
Vice President, Human Resources, Ketchum Public Relations

I am grateful to America and to Dr. Szenberg who believed in me from the very beginning. Thank you Dr. Szenberg, thank you Pace? Dr. Szenberg, except my parents, I don't remember anybody who has done so much for me as you did. It was a blessing for me to meet you. I learned from your life lessons as much as I learned from your intellectual preoccupations. You are my professor, my mentor and my friend. Thank you for believing in me.
- Iuliana Ismailescu, MBA, Ph.D, Excerpt from Outstanding Student of the Year Address, 2002
Assistant Professor of Finance, Lubin School of Business, Pace University

I was privileged to be one of Dr. Szenberg's students at Pace University. Dr. Szenberg not only created my strong interest in economics, he nurtured my ability to succeed in the MBA program. He is undoubtedly one of the leading economists in the world, and he is unquestionably the best professor I have ever had.
- Sandy Resnick, MBA, Outstanding Student of the Year 2001
Vice President, Marketing and Public Relations, Prima Jima

I am certain that in the future I will draw on the advice, wisdom, encouragement and support of Dr. Michael Szenberg, who was an exceptional mentor to me both during my tenure at Pace. Dr. Szenberg places high value on mentoring and nurturing his students (and apprentices) and has the innate ability to identify how to draw out the best from his students. He encourages deeper intellectual contemplation, challenging his students to thoughtfully reflect and deliberate on the economic principles that make up the MBA curriculum from a real life, real world perspective. He has a reputation for being accessible and for providing meaningful and compassionate guidance to students in areas where students need it the most. Dr. Szenberg is an irreplaceable asset to the Pace organization and sets the bar high for peer professors and educators. I am extremely grateful that I had a chance to work for Dr. Szenberg as a Graduate Research Assistant for the Center for Applied Research and can confidently state that his mentorship has had a direct and positive impact on my career. He is truly a unique gem.
- Lisa Heffron Youel, MBA, Outstanding Student of the Year, 2001
Director - Transfer Pricing, Expedia, Inc

First and foremost, I would like to thank Dr. Szenberg, who has been a trusted advisor and positive influence, not only on my studies, but also on my life, during my time at Pace. I have learned so much from him about business and economics, and about being a good, whole person. He makes Pace University shine in my mind because his teachings carry an aura of intellectual depth mixed with comforting support. I stand here as Outstanding Student of the Year because I had the most outstanding professor, Dr. Szenberg, who encouraged me to pursue my dreams both in and outside of business. He will forever remain my favorite professor!
- Sandra M. Shpilberg, Outstanding Student of the Year, 1997
MBA, University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School
Senior Director of Marketing at BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc.

Dr. Michael Szenberg has had a profound influence on my life. I first met him about 20 years ago when I was a student in the DPS program at Pace. I found his courses always challenging and learned not only the subject matter, but also how to improve my teaching from observing him. Dr. Szenberg was an excellent dissertation advisor. He helped me hone down my topic and prepared me well for my oral defense which went very smoothly. I was given the Outstanding DPS Student Award based on the dissertation and my course work. Later on, as I began my teaching/research and publishing career, Dr. Szenberg continued to be a trusted advisor, always encouraging and constructive. At present I am a full professor and head of the International Business program at CUNY College of Staten Island. I owe my success in academia in no small part to the help I received from Dr. Szenberg over the years. I know that he has helped hundreds of other students as well and I am proud to have him as a trusted friend and colleague.
- Alan Zimmerman, Outstanding DPS Student of the Year, 1997
DPS, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Professor of Business, College of Staten Island, CUNY


I met Dr. Szenberg when I was a sophomore with a dream of going to a top 10 law school. Whenever I would go to the Lubin Business School offices after 5pm to study, I would see Dr. Szenberg still in his office advising students or speaking to fellow faculty members. When I told Dr. Szenberg that I wanted to go to law school, he offered practical advice as well as an opportunity to publish an article if it met the criteria. At the time, I didn't realize how important this would be during the law school application process. Today, I realize that I would not have gotten to where I am today without Dr. Szenberg's thoughtful guidance and support. He is one of the best professors I have ever had.
- Sara Shikhman, Esq., BBA 2003, Lubin School of Business, Pace University; JD 2006, University of Pennsylvania-The Wharton School and Law School
Assistant Vice President, Deutsche Bank Advisors

It is a rare honor to have had a great teacher and mentor like Prof. Szenberg. As an international student, besides the pressure of doing well in school, there is the added stress of adjusting to a new environment and culture. I believe Prof. Szenberg's dedication to the field of economics and devotion to teaching and his students is what made my journey easier inside and outside the classroom. He truly desires to see his students do well and succeed and his grasp of economics and his ability to deliver complex ideas simply is remarkable. I credit Prof. Szenberg with the success I have had in my career even after I graduated from Pace University.
- Sadia Afridi, MBA 2001, Lubin School of Business, Pace University; MIA 2005, Columbia University
Associate Director, Fitch Ratings

Dr. Szenberg is a major contributor to my successful career in financial services. He gave me the opportunity to work as his research assistant while I was pursing my graduate degree. During that time, his support and guidance gave me the determination needed to complete Pace's challenging BBA/MBA program, become a member of Phi Beta Kappa, and hold the positions of Vice President of Pace's Beta Alpha Psi and President of Alpha Rho Chapter of the Omicron Delta Epsilon International Honor Society in Economics. Even as I was leaving Pace to become a consultant with Deloitte & Touche, Dr. Szenberg was encouraging me to continue taking classes to pursue my doctorate. (I promise Dr. Szenberg, I will get to it one day!) I'll always remember his faith in my abilities and his constant encouragement. I consider him a mentor and friend, and will always be indebted to him for his dedication to my education and development.
- Lisa M. Jackson-Murray, BBA/MBA 1999, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Senior Vice President, Audit Practices Manager, Brown Brothers Harriman & Co

I feel I was privileged to take the class with you. During the course of eight years in academia, while pursuing degrees on two continents, I have had no less than fifty different professors. However, never before had attending a class been such a rewarding experience for me. You have a phenomenal ability to make even the most complicated and technical concepts completely understandable by relating them to their practical applications. The numerous examples you gave us from the corporate world made the challenges posed by the theory quite manageable. Moreover, you were able to eliminate all stressful factors in the classroom and create an atmosphere absolutely conducive to productive learning. I felt intellectually empowered while taking your class. If students were to grade their professors, my grade for you would be (A+)+.
Thank you for being an excellent professor, outstanding researcher and a wonderful person.
- Elena Danova, MBA 1997, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Vice President, Deutsche Bank. Past Vice President, Goldman Sachs

Dr. Michael Szenberg is not simply a professor of economics or the Chair of the Finance Department; he is someone with a heart big enough for all the students, colleagues, family and staff. He cares for the people that cross his path and that's the experience that I still cannot seem to forget. Dr. Szenberg instilled deep values in me early on, in my MBA path, encouraged me to take part in extracurricular activities and taught me life lessons that he learned through his eventful life. My time at Pace was enhanced by great memories of achievement and growth all due to Dr. Szenberg's insistence on doing the best at everything I undertook. As Dr. Szenberg devoted a lot of time to my personal and professional development, I began to feel like he is my father, and started referring to him as such. Dr. Szenberg is a very special, selfless person who makes this world a very positive place.
- Ester Budek, MBA 2004, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Manager Research Analyst, UBS

Although it has been many years since I was a graduate student at Pace University's Lubin School of Business, it seems like only yesterday that a fax machine offered me my first introduction to the many opportunities afforded by the School. As I was faxing over my résumé one summer afternoon, to hopefully become a Lubin Graduate Assistant, unbeknownst to me Dr. Michael Szenberg stood at the other end of the line. Dr. Szenberg almost immediately offered me an opportunity to work with him ? my dreams come true! Dr. Szenberg taught me the ins and outs of academic research and the refereed journal process. He exemplified the good that can come from hard work and dedication. Dr. Szenberg gave me a chance when others thought I had little to offer because of a lack of full-time work experience. For all these things I will be eternally grateful to him. We have maintained a lasting friendship over the years, one which I treasure greatly. Enrolling at Pace University was one of the best decisions of my life, and Dr. Szenberg an integral part of that. Both Pace and Dr. Szenberg live Pace's motto: Opportunitas.
- Jennifer C. Loftus, MBA 1996, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
National Director, Astron Solutions
Adjunct Professor, Lubin School of Business, Pace University

To Dr. Michael Szenberg, who was extremely kind to take over as my dissertation chairperson mid?way through the process, I could not have done this without you. Your belief in me and unwavering support were monumental in helping me complete the doctoral program. You are not only very knowledgeable and wise, but warm and kind as well, and in the end, I believe that kindness is the only thing that truly matters. I will never forget your encouragement and the phrase you passed along to me, which my husband reiterated to me often through the long grueling process, 'Patience, Persistence and Grace under Pressure.'
- Donna A. Cristo, DPS 2003, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Miami

I don't know how to possibly express to you what you have meant to me since I first began working in Lubin. I am truly blessed to have gotten to know you and to have you in my life. I think I met you for a reason. You have continually guided, supported, listened, shared and advised me in countless ways. You have been so many things to me - my teacher, my counselor, my surrogate father and most of all, my mentor. You have shaped me in who I am and I truly do not think I would have gotten through my time at Pace without you. Most of all I thank you for your friendship. Even though I will not see you on a daily basis which I am used to, you will always be a part of my life. I wish you could know how much I am going to miss you. And no matter what I know that I can always pick up the phone to call you for a chat or send you an email for your very wise advice. Dr. Szenberg, you are truly an inspiration and you touch so many lives. I love you and I hope you will call and email me as I know I will you.
- Andrea Pascarelli, Psy.D. 2008, Pace University
Odessa Brown Children's Clinic, Seattle, WA

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for your guidance and unfailing belief in my abilities to succeed. Throughout my graduate studies you encouraged me to face and overcome any and all challenges head on, and wouldn't allow any self doubt to interfere with my dreams. You pushed me to recognize my strengths and face myself contrived inhibitions. Each semester anew, you were there, cheering me ever closer to my dream of attaining my MBA and building a successful and fulfilling career. Your convictions eventually rubbed off. My self confidence soared, and I started believing in myself and my abilities. I thank you from the depth of my being for all you have helped me conquer.
- Raizel Moskowitz, MBA 2008, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Special Agent, US Federal Agency

I have known Dr. Michael Szenberg for more than a quarter century. Dr. Szenberg was my teacher and dissertation advisor as I pursued the DPS degree. He was my supportive mentor as I pursued my academic career, always available to me to discuss teaching innovation and methods and student learning. He has always taken the time to encourage rigorous research and has had a marked influence on my productivity in this respect. Today I am still honored that Dr. Szenberg is my revered colleague and respected friend. Dr. Szenberg is the crown jewel of the Lubin faculty. Fortunate, indeed, are his students.
- Lorene Hiris, DPS 2001, Recipient of the Alumni Excellence Award, 2002
Professor of Finance at the C.W. Post Campus of Long Island University

Meeting Dr. Szenberg was one of the highlights of my academic experience at Lubin. He took me under his wing, serving as my dissertation advisor. The combination of his knowledge, wisdom, kindness, patience, encouragement and tireless energy caused me to be challenged in so many ways. I was fortunate to have this dedicated professor as my mentor. Today, Dr. Szenberg continues to be my role model, personally and professionally.
I am grateful to Lubin, and particularly to Dr. Szenberg, for shaping my professional success. It is an honor and a privilege to accept the Alumni Excellence Award. Thank you for your support!
- Cathyann Tully, DPS 2000, Recipient of the Alumni Excellence Award, 2008
Director, MBA Programs and Associate Professor of Finance, Wagner College

Even though my days as a Pace University-Lubin student seem so long ago now, the greatest and most memorable lesson I learned, which happened outside the classroom, I vividly remember and utilize daily. I had the honor and privilege of being Dr. Michael Szenberg's graduate research assistant for 2 years. At first the learning curve was steep and I felt like I was making mistakes all the time. One day, I thought Dr. Szenberg would surely regret picking me for his research assistant, after all he took a chance on a very young and inexperienced student in the middle of a combined BBA/MBA program. Instead of being disappointed in me, he told me that he took pride in HIS mistakes, he in fact made at least one mistake a day. It meant he learned something new every day. The critical thing is to make NEW mistakes while learning from the old ones and not repeating them. What a life affirming and freeing philosophy. Instead of being timid, I learned to be bold. Instead of fearing failure, I embraced challenges. Instead of playing it safe, I dreamed bigger. For all this, I thank Dr. Szenberg for serving as my teacher, mentor, role model, and now, friend.
- Janet Ulman (Leiben), Esq., BBA/MBA Public Accounting 1995, Lubin School of Business, Pace University
Director & Tax Counsel, Lutron Electronics

Dr. Michael Szenberg
The Professor that I will never forget
In my every success
You are part of it
From the bottom of my heart
I wanted to thank you
For your genuine support
For teaching me the value of hard work
For being a teacher, a mentor, and a friend
That I will always cherish.

- Vy Bui

The mediocre teacher tells, the good teacher explains, the superior teacher demonstrates, the great teacher inspires. Dr. Michael Szenberg has been that inspiration for me in many ways since I have come to Pace University. There are very few professors who have the art to make a class interesting and enjoyable and Dr. Michael Szenberg has mastered this art. He has shared so many of his life experiences with us apart from providing knowledge about Macroeconomics. His life experiences have inspired me and helped me learn the importance of standing up for my values and differentiate between right and wrong.

Dr. Michael Szenberg loves to teach and does so with all his heart and soul to provide his students with what is meaningful and inspiring. He cares about his students, empowers them and ignites their passion to achieve their big dreams. He is one of the very few teachers who demand that their students question everything, including what they themselves teach, to ensure that they become the best critical and creative thinkers they can be. He is not only passionate about the subjects he teaches but also imparts that passion and wisdom into every student of his. Apart from being a good teacher he is also a good human being.

- Sweta Rana, MBA student