Nils Myszkowski, PhD

Assistant Professor of Quantitative Psychology
& Master of Arts Co-Director @ Pace University

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Who I am

I am an Assistant Professor of Psychology, with a focus on Quantitative Psychology and Industrial & Organizational Psychology. I earned my MA and PhD from the Paris Institute of Psychology at Paris Descartes University, with a specialization in Individual Differences Psychology. Before coming at Pace, I served as Assistant Professor at ESCE International Business School and as a private consultant in psychometrics and statistics.

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What I do

Understanding aesthetic ability

My primary research aim is to understand individual differences in aesthetic abilities, using a comprehensive Aesthetic Quotient (AQ) approach, which integrates cognitive abilities, experience and motivation.

Advanced stats & psychometrics

In my publications, I especially use advanced statistical and psychometrical techniques (IRT, SEM, CFA, Meta-Analysis, HLM, Machine Learning, etc.).

Measuring soft skills

I develop instruments to measure social, emotional and creative personality traits and abilities. I have notably developed measures of emotional excitability, stress, self-monitoring, managerial creativity, etc.

Business-applied research

I especially focus on the business implications of my research (managerial creativity, design-driven consumption, social skills, etc.), and have consulted for numerous projects, for both large and small companies.

R Development & Programming

Although I use other programs (SPSS, Mplus, etc.) in my research, I love programming in the statistical language R. I develop and maintain different libraries for it: 'nhstplot' (>2500 downloads), 'AMCTestmakeR' and 'reliabiltysearch' (in development).


I have used my stats talents for non-research projects, from consulting for multinational companies to helping research labs and start-ups with psychometric instruments developments and business intelligence.

Playing well with others

I am an affiliated researcher at Paris Descartes University, and especially enjoy working with Dr. Barbot at Pace, Profs. Zenasni and Lubart at Paris Descartes, and Drs. Storme and Celik at Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management.

Getting funds

I have worked and am working on several grants, inculding a grant funded by the French National Agency for Research (ANR), and a grant funded by the John Templeton Foundation (~ $200K). I have also co-founded a Psychometrics start-up that raised $1.6M from private and public investment.


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