Photo Gallery

1904: First known picture of Golda          1918: Golda Meir with her                    1921: Golda Meir feeding the chickens
 Meir taken in Pinsk, Russia.                husband Morris Meyerson.                   in a settlement in Merhavia, Palestine.    

1932: Golda Meir on her mission           1947: Golda Meir with the members        1948: Golda Meir meeting with USSR
to the United States.                              of the Ha'poel soccer team before            first ambassador Yershov and Moshe
                                                              her departure to the U.S.                         Sharett before leaving to Russia. (Aug.29)    

1950: Golda Meir with the children        1950: Golda Meir, Minister of                1956: Golda Meir with Eleanor
of Kibbutz Shefayim, after the               Labor.                                                    Roosevelt at the U.N.
opening of the Tel Aviv highway.
(July 24)    

1960: Golda Meir dancing with             1962: Golda Meir at the White               1969: At her arrival at the Milwaukee
Mrs. Jomo Kenyatta in Kenya on         House with President John F.                airport Golda Meir is greeted by a crowd
her visit to Aftrica.                                Kennedy.                                               of school children. (October 3)     

1969: Golda Meir with U.S.                   1969: Golda Meir sitting in her            1969: Golda Meir receiving the key
President Richard Nixon during            old school desk at 4th St.                     to the City by New York Mayor, John
a private talk. (September 25)                Elementary School in Milwaukee.        Lindsey during welcoming ceremony in
                                                                                                                          front of City Hall, New York.     

1969: Golda Meir with grandsons        1970: Golda Meir in her office.               1973: Golda Meir and Pope Paul VI
Danny and Amnon during                                                                                  at the Vatican in Rome.
Ambassador Rabin's reception in
Washington D.C.   

1973: Golda Meir received an              1973: Golda Meir visits wounded           Golda Meir in her kitchen at
honorary degree from Yeshiva             soldiers of the Yom Kippur War            home during her term as Prime
University. (March 8)                           at an Israeli hospital. (October)             Minister of Israel.

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