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Women Condemned for Infanticide
Women Condemned for Infanticide

Abject Poverty in Victorian England  
Abject Poverty in London, c. 1900

"Where Children Grow Up" c. 1900
"Where Children Grow Up" c. 1900

Street Children
         Children Playing, Victorian England

Children of Victorian London
Children on the street in Victorian England

Frying Pan Alley
Frying Pan Alley, London, c. 1900

Image titled "Descendant", c. 1900
Image entitled "Decendant", c. 1900

  Dorset Street, 1900
Dorset Street, London c. 1900

Victorian Mother and Child
Victorian Mother and Infant

Cheapside, 1900
City Street, Victorian England

Streets of London

Image titled "Here and There" Women on London street, c. 1900

             Ruth Cover, Seated and Poised    
Ruth-Everyman edition Book Cover

      Elizabeth Gaskell 
Elizabeth Gaskell (1810-1865)


       Ruth Cover, Alone and Frightened
Ruth-Penguin Classics Book Cover

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