Mothers and Family in Fascist Italy

By: Rimma Tsvasman

De Grazia, Victoria. How Fascism Ruled Women: Italy, 1922-1945.  Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 1992, p. 188.
Migrant field laborers in Emilia, 1930s.

This site provides a look into the lives of mothers and the family during fascist Italy in the early twentieth century. I have included a historical view of women and the family during fascist Italy, and also a view through literature written by women, themselves, during the time. Furthermore, I have included some images pertaining to the topic, biographies of Italian women writers during fascism, and a works cited list outlining the sources for both papers. Enjoy!

Historical View
A View Through Literature
Biographies of Italian Women Writers during the Fascist Era
Photo Gallery
Propaganda Gallery
Works Cited

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