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Another great example of a form of consumption that reflected the ideology of the National Socialist Party was the introduction of a low-cost radio set, called the “Volksempfaenger”. It was designed to bring light entertainment to the masses, as it was affordable to practically anyone in Germany . This was supposed to bolster the level of satisfaction amongst the owners of the radio set, since they were able to afford a real radio that formerly could only be owned by the wealthy. Furthermore the presence of the radio set in almost every German household, ensured that political propaganda messages were sent throughout the entire “Reich”. Although most of the programs made available were popular music, propaganda messages were an important part of the daily program. The broadcasting of jazz or swing music was not tolerated. Music programs were “cleaned” on a regular basis and clubs were raided by the SA, if they played music that “insulted the German race”.1 volksempfaenger.jpg

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